Bathroom Vanity Sink Buying Guide

Bathroom Vanity Sink Buying Guide : Bathroom Vanity Sink

The bathroom is one place in the home that is used everyday by all family members. It needs to main personal hygiene. A beautiful bathroom with a beautiful vanity can give a beautiful beginning to your day.

A wide range of bathroom vanity sinks in all different styles made out of different materials are available in the market. You can go for a built-in vanity sink or a free-standing vanity. A built-in unit consists of a sink and a base cabinet below, while the free-standing vanity needs little more space. It has to be noted that with a free-standing bathroom vanity, plumbing gets easier. Width of most of these bathroom furniture ranges from 18 to 48 inches.

Facts: Bathroom sink is also called a lavatory meaning “to wash.” The term “lavatory” is often shortened to “lav” or, “lavvy.” The term “sink” fits if the lavatory tops a pedestal, as in “pedestal sink.”

Bathroom Vanity Sink Choices

The new and modern trend in bathroom vanities is selection of vibrant colors. The dominant colors are dark brown, black and white. These vanity sinks are made from materials like – wood, ceramic tiles, stones and even stainless steel.

Choice of material and color depends on your budget, needs, size of your bathroom – big or small, and your lifestyle. For e.g. a vanity sink made from mahogany or oak wood can make your bathroom look beautiful and warmer but they are expensive material and need proper treatment and maintenance.

Traditional bathroom vanity sinks need bigger bathroom with more space.  For a small bathroom, you can go for small modern vanity sinks.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Bathroom Vanity Sinks are classified as – pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and countertop-mounted sinks. This classification is based on the support methods of the sink.

Bathroom Vanity Sinks Material

Bathroom Vanity Sinks are made from all different types of material – from classic white porcelain to contemporary and colorful ceramic and stone sinks. These are made in hundreds of styles and finishes. Bowls and sink pedestals are mostly made from vitreous clay or fire clay, but sinks made from other materials are also available. These include – glass bathroom sinks, metal sinks and several other materials.

Price of Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Price of bathroom vanity sinks depends on material, size and construction. A small sink may cost less while an antique vanity sink or a double vanity sink will cost more. The prices can range from $100 to several thousand dollars.

How to Select the Best Bathroom Vanity Sink

While choosing a vanity bathroom sink set your priorities. Is your bathroom big? Is your bathroom small? How many people are going to use the sink?

A solid-surface countertop or an integral-bowl is simple and low-maintenance. The countertop flows seamlessly into the bowl offering more workspace. It also minimizes the problem of water splashing onto the countertop.

Undermount sinks are popular and common choice. You can easily clean the counter and sink. They can also cap a vanity cabinet (bowl-base cabinet) hiding all the plumbing work and providing hidden storage space.

Pedestal sinks are great looking and very beautiful. You can surround a pedestal sink with stylish modular bathroom cabinets and vanity light systems for added beauty.

I hope this helps you in buying your new bathroom vanity sink.

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