Vessel Sink Buying Guide

Vessel Sink Buying Guide : Vessel Sink

A Vessel Sink is a free standing sink that sits directly on top of the cabinet or vanity it is mounted on. Vessel sinks have gained popularity among home owners because of availability in a wide variety of materials and great finish and look.

Vessel sinks come in a wide range of finish and style to add décor and beauty to your bathroom.

Buying a Vessel Sink

When buying a vessel sink, one of the very important thing to consider is whether your sink has an overflow or not. An overflow is a hole on top of the sink that drains the water if it comes to a certain point in the bowl. This becomes even more important if you have kids at home who may leave the water on. If there is no overflow drain, water can flood your bathroom.

Another important thing to consider is the mounting ring. The mounting ring is how the drain will screw into your new vessel sink, and mounts in between the sink and the counter top. If you prefer to have the sink sit flush with the counter top you can cut a hole into the surface to hold the vessel and act as the mounting ring.

Vessel sink drain: It is not recommended to use the same drain for both a regular sink and a vessel sink. Vessel sinks have a longer outlet. You need to select a Vessel Sink Drain that are available in different specifications – Grid Drain, Umbrella Drain, Push Button Drain. Make your selection according to your needs.

Vessel Sink Materials

Vessel sinks are available in a number of materials. Popular choices include following:

  1. Copper Vessel Sinks: Copper Vessel Sinks are made from copper. They add a rustic look to your bathroom. These sinks do not stain, but they can oxidize over time. It needs proper care and cleaning. Because copper is susceptible to scratches, you need to be careful when cleaning the sink.
  2. Glass Vessel Sinks: Glass Vessel sinks come in a variety of style and color. You can choose from models like – Butterflies, the Mona Lisa, the Deep Tropics, and Plain Glass etc. You need to be extra careful while handling these sinks.
  3. Granite Vessel Sinks: Granite Vessel sinks are made from solid rock. They are very good looking and attractive and add style and beauty to your bathroom. When buying a granite sink, select harder granite rather than softer one because the harder ones are better and they don’t stain or etch. Softer granites can stain or etch.
  4. Marble Vessel Sinks: Marble Vessel sinks and made from hard metamorphic rocks. Marble sinks are beautiful and durable. If you are looking a style, beauty and durability, go for a marble vessel sink. It will add beauty to your bathroom and give value for money.
  5. Stone Vessel Sinks: Stone is being used to make vessel sinks for quite some time now. They are rugged and durable. If there are kids in your home, go for a stone vessel sink. The nonporous surface of the sink will resist and prevent scratches.
  6. Wood Vessel Sinks: Wood Vessel Sinks are made completely of wood. These are relatively new and trendy. Because they are rare, they can make your bathroom look elegant and warm. Since these sinks are designed to withstand use they are easy to maintain and very durable.

A wide range of vessel sinks are available for bathroom. Buying a vessel sink depends on personal taste, lifestyle, needs and budget.

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