Gardening Tips for Organic Garden

Gardening Tips for Organic Garden : A Beautiful Garden

A green, organic and beautiful garden will not only bring smiles on your face but your family will love it too and nature will praise you.

If you love nature, you will care for your garden. A mother never feeds anything artificial to her baby. In the same way, we should take care of our garden naturally. Chemical fertilizers are never good for plants and trees.

Here are some organic gardening tips for a green garden without the use of any toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Keep it Natural and Organic

A mother never feed anything artificial to her child. Why the hell should we feed our Earth with chemicals and pesticides? Don’t use them.

Pesticides and chemicals look initially look fruitful they will eventually leave you nothing but ill-health and dump. Use natural fertilizers.

Make compost from kitchen vegetable waste. Compost provides all nutrients that helps enrich fertility of the soil. You can also do this with the help of earthworms.

Grow Your Own Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

Growing fruits, vegetables and flowers will not only save your money but will also improve your health. I promise you will love this and if you are little more serious, you can also make a career in floriculture.

Add Beauty to Your Garden

To add beauty to your garden, you can plant some native flowers, cactus (yes they look beautiful) or bottle brush grasses. All these plants are easy to grow and maintain and generally require less fertilizer and water.

Watering the Plants

Be wise while watering the plants. Water is life, save water. Harvesting rain water is not a bad idea. Try soaker hoses or drip irrigation in place of sprinklers to save water. Mulch and compost also help retain water and prevent or slow down evaporation. Try watering the plants directly on the roots early morning when there is less heat to avoid evaporation.

Invite Butterflies and Bees to Your Garden

Who on earth is not aware of pollination. Attraction butterflies and bees to your garden for pollination. Plant a diverse variety of native flowers to attract these guests who will not only help make your garden green and beautiful but will also bring smile on your child’s face.

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