How To Can And Preserve Food

How To Can And Preserve Food : A Boiling Water Canner

Canning is all about preserving food by heating the container or the jar and the food to be preserved and then seal the food in the jar. Heating the food to a certain temperature kills germs. Heating the jar creates a kind of vacuum so that no bacteria can enter the jar. This preserved food can be used for months.

Equipment Needed for Canning

  1. Boiling Water Canner: This is basically a big pot large enough to cover each jar with water. It is mainly used to can fruits and pickles.
  2. Pressure Canner: This is a kind of canning container that can achieve very high pressure and temperature thus killing germs and bacteria.
  3. Canning Jars: This is normal canning jar with a lid and band that perfectly seals the jar thus preventing entry or exit of air and thus preserving the food.
  4. Lids and Bands: These are used for sealing purpose.
  5. Canning Salt: This is different from table salt and is readily available in the market. It has been used as food preservative since olden days.

Boiling Water Canning

  • Fill the canner halfway with water.

    A Boiling Water Canner

    A Boiling Water Canner

  • Preheat water that is added to the jars.
  • Put the filled jars, with lids and rings on, onto the canner rack and use the handles to lower the rack into the water.
  • Add more boiling water, if needed.
  • When the jars have been boiled for the recommended time, turn the heat off and lift the jar..
  • Remove the screw bands and wipe the jars clean.
  • Refrigerate the jar and use the food for several days.
  • Even though the food is canned, it needs to be kept in a refrigerator or freezer.

Pressure Canning

  • Put the canner on the large burner.

    Pressure Canner

    Pressure Canner

  • Put the rack into the canner. Also put about 3 inches of hot water into the canner.
  • Fix the lids and the rings on the filled jar and place on the jar rack in the canner.
  • Leave the weight off the vent port.
  • Turn the burner up to its highest position. Heat until the water boils and steam exits strongly from the open vent port and let the steam flow.
  • Allow the canner to vent for the specified time and it will get up to pressure in few minutes.
  • Once the pressure gauge indicates that it has reached the desired pressure start timing.
  • Lift off the weight open the top and remove the jars. Let the jars cool overnight.

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