Bamboo Flooring Information

Bamboo Flooring Information : Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a commonly talked about flooring option. People around the world are looking for information of bamboo flooring, review, prices, installation guide and other information.

Here is some useful information of bamboo flooring.

Wood Flooring Vs Bamboo Flooring

Wood floors look and feel great. These floors give a warm and contemporary flair to our home. But what about loss of hardwood trees? These trees take about 100 years to get matured and then it can be used for wood flowing. There are others options available but these are fake wood floors that are toxic and can be harmful for residential use.

So, what is the best alternative to hardwood flooring? Can bamboo do the job?

Maybe yes. A hardwood tree takes about 100 years to mature while a bamboo takes only about 3-4 years to grow to the size to be used as wood flooring material. Bamboo is a kind of grass and there is no need to plant it again. It generates on it own from the rhizomes that are left in the ground after cutting the bamboo.

Bamboo is not only eco-friendly, but it also helps people who rely on the bamboo industry to support their families.

Types of Bamboo Flooring

The construction of bamboo is different from conventional wood. It is hollow with thin walls. Strips are cut from bamboo and then laminated to form the desired type. Depending on the way these bamboo strips are processed, bamboo flooring can be of following types:

  1. Horizontal bamboo flooring: When bamboo strips are laminated
    Dark Bamboo Flooring

    Dark Bamboo Flooring

    together so that the top shows the natural growth rings, it is called horizontal bamboo flooring. Such pieces are available in three and six foot lengths. Strips of bamboo flooring with longer lengths are most preferred because they look great after installation.

  2. Vertical bamboo flooring: When the bamboo strips are laid side by side and then laminated, it is called vertical bamboo flooring. They look like rows of wood.
  3. Engineered bamboo flooring:  As the name suggests, these are not
    Strand Bamboo Flooring

    Strand Bamboo Flooring

    100% natural bamboo. They are engineered for durability, resistance against cupping and moisture etc. These are the best choices when it comes to bamboo flooring. They are even more in demand at places with high humidity.

  4. Stranded bamboo flooring: These are manufactured with bamboo fibers. These fibers are first shredded and then blended with an adhesive and then pressure treated. They are hard and really very durable and long lasting. Even though this type of bamboo flooring is hard to install, but once installed, it can last really long.

Bamboo Flooring Durability: Are Bamboo Floors Durable?

Bamboo flooring can be dark or light. This variation in color is created by

Woven Bamboo Flooring

Woven Bamboo Flooring

heating the bamboo. It the color of bamboo is lighter, it means that it has been heated for a less time. These are stronger than darker bamboo flooring. Darker bamboo flooring are heated more to get the dark color. More exposure to heat makes is less durable.

Durability of bamboo flooring is more or less the same as hardwood floors. They easily get scratched by furniture and high heels and even rough use. They also get dented very easily. Also caring and maintenance is not easy.

If you are planning for bamboo flooring at home, I would suggest having proper look at it. Press something hard into the wood and see the result. You will get some idea about the results after installation at home.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has more or less the same benefits as conventional wood:

1. They are durable and long lasting.
2. Cleaning is easy and quick.
3. Eco-friendly and renewable.
4. Non-allergenic.
5. It costs much less than conventional flooring.
6. It can be easily installed over many types of subfloor.
7. Bamboo flooring offers several installation options – It can be nailed, floated, or glued.

Is Bamboo Flooring the Right Choice?

The choice of bamboo flooring depends on personal taste, living habit and environment and budget. Take your time and see it you really want to have bamboo flooring or not. Go and see some installed bamboo floors and ask for feedback. The decision is yours.

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