Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathroom Flooring Options : Bathroom Floor

Bathroom is one room in the home where there is most use of water. Bathroom floors are constantly in contact with water and moisture. This makes it very important to choose bathroom flooring options wisely.

When it comes to choosing bathroom flooring, one should make sure that it is durable, and water resistant. Water or moisture should not be able to damage the floor.

Bathroom Flooring Options

  1. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles, if installed properly, offers rich and solidtexture same as stone. It is also waterproof and comparatively inexpensive like vinyl floors. With wise and proper selection and installation, they can offer pretty good look of wood flooring.
  2. Sheet or Tile Vinyl: Vinyl is the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. Vinyl is cheap and inexpensive and offers DIY installation (you can do with the installation yourself). Vinyl also has several style options to choose from.
  3. Stone: Stone can make good bathroom floor but they are little expensive. There is no moisture problems with stones such as marble, granite, limestone, and other stone flooring options.
  4. Engineered wood: Engineered wood flooring can be a good choice for a bathroom. With durable good quality plywood at the base, it can hold up well against moisture. If you are planning for a wood floor in your bathroom, bathroom, engineered wood is the best choice.
  5. Laminate flooring: Laminate flooring is a better bathroom flooring choice than solid hardwood. Some of the best laminate flooring options include – oak, pine, Tuscan stone, travertine and slate. Laminate floors are also easy to clean.

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