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Bathtubs are great when it comes to relaxing in the bathroom. Nothing can beat the relaxation and comfort of a bathtub. Until few years back, bathtubs were considered an item of luxury for a home and bathroom and was seen only in hotels and homes of rich people. Today, a bath tub has become an integral part of most homes. In fact, many homes now have more than one and in multiple bathrooms.

A bathtub allows you to clean your body and relax. Soaking yourself in a tub with hot water is quite relaxing and it can soak your tiredness and worries away. Bathtubs are available in a variety of types, material, color, shape, style and budget.

Types of Bathtubs

  1. Soaking bathtubs: These are meant for soaking. They are normallydeeper than standard bath tubs so as to allow a person to soak up to the chin. Most soaking bathtubs do not have option to attach shower or jet combination as they are exclusively meant for soaking. Roman Tubs and Greek Tubs are 2 different kinds of soaking bathtubs.
  2. Built-In bathtubs: These are most popular in most homes. They are built in the bathroom and are not free standing. Alcove tubs and Drop-In bathtubs are 2 different kinds of built-in bathtubs.
  3. Freestanding bathtubs: These bath tubs are not built into the floor or enclosed on three sides. They are free standing. Faucets are generally mounted on the side of the bathtub itself. These faucets can also be mounted on the floor or wall. Claw foot bathtubs and Pedestal bathtubs are 2 bath tubs in this style.
  4. Special bathtubs: In addition to the above types of tubs, there are other types with special features. Following are special bathtubs:
  • Whirlpool tubs: These tubs have jets for more pleasure and comfort.
  • ADA tubs and walkin bathtubs: These are specially designed for the elderly people and for handicap.
  • Aqua massage tubs: These have holes in the bottom or on the sides to release air bubbles into the hot water in the tub. They also known as hot air tubs.

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