How Air Conditioner Works

How Air Conditioner Works : How Air Conditioner Works

An air-conditioning system or an air conditioner is a cooling system that blows cooled or dehumidified air through ductwork to deliver it throughout the interior of a room to keep it cool.

Air conditioners use the same technology as is used is refrigeration to cool the air.

How Central Air Conditioning Works

If you have a big house and use multiple room air conditioners then it can be too expensive with huge electric bills. Central Air Conditioning System is just for people like you who have a big house a want air conditioning inn all rooms and still save some money on electricity bill.A central air conditioning system draws room air through return-air ductwork and cools, dehumidifies, and filters the air and then blows cool air back into the rooms through air-supply ductwork. The A/C unit is controlled by a thermostat, which turns the unit off and on as and when needed.

How Room Air Conditioners Work

Room air conditioners are cooling solution where you want to cool only one or two rooms. The advantage of using room air conditioners is that it consumes only the amount of energy required to cool that space instead of the entire house.

Room air conditioners use a blower to pull heat and moisture from the room air through a filter, cool and dehumidify it, and then return the air to the room. The main difference is that a room air conditioner is a single, self- contained unit with an evaporator or cooling coils, a condenser, and refrigerant-filled tubing all assembled in one box.

Air-conditioner units need to be mounted in a window or through an opening in a wall because they need to expel hot air.

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