How Garbage Disposal Works

How Garbage Disposal Works : How garbage disposals work

Here we will learn all about garbage disposals – What are garbage disposals, types of garbage disposals and how garbage disposal works. Garbage disposal is basically a home appliance that helps to dispose off all the household garbage and waste. It is a must-have home appliance or kitchen appliance.

A garbage disposal grinds up food scraps and wastes and flushes them down the drain. This makes our home cleaning job much easier. Garbage disposals help minimize garbage disposal at landfills. It also has a drawback that it uses a lot of water. Garbage disposals are handy, portable and quite inexpensive and easy to install.

How Garbage Disposal Works

We eat food, chew and grind them with our sharp teeth, digest the digestible food and dispose off the undigested food. A garbage disposal works the same way except for the fact that it cannot digest any food. Whatever it chews, it disposes them off. A garbage disposal chews and grinds up food scraps and waste that are fed down the drain with a heavy flow of water. The disposal that is mounted on the underside of the sink drain. It has an electric motor connected to a power supply.

The disposer has a grinding chamber with shredding blades that break down the food. This finely grinded waste is then passed on to an impeller arm and plate that force the waste particles and liquid down the drain.

Most garbage disposals have electric-powered motors and run on power except one made by HydroMaid that doesn’t need any power and operates on the force of water from the sink spout.

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