How Home Ventilation Works

How Home Ventilation Works : A house ventilation system

Proper house ventilation is important for comfort and clean house. Home ventilation helps to keep the house cool and supplies fresh air inside the house while exhausting the used air.

House ventilation is very important and inevitable for good health of the house and its inhabitants. Ventilation fans help to exhaust used air and indoor air pollution. Proper ventilation also helps to exhaust unwanted odors and excess humidity. There are a wide variety of fans and ventilators for home ventilation.

Most common home ventilation systems include whole house fans, attic fans, bathroom fans, kitchen exhausts, heat recovery ventilators etc.

How House Ventilation Works

We all need to breath and so does a house need to breathe. Too much humidity of carbon-di-oxide inside a house is bad for the house and its inhabitants.  The used air and any air pollution inside a house needs to be exhausted and replaced with fresh air regularly.  House ventilation does this work.

The air inside the house can be exhausted and replaced with fresh air by simply opening the doors and windows but this won’t be a good idea if you have a home heating or home cooling system installed and hence here comes the role of proper home ventilation.

Proper home ventilation is done by installing the proper type and combination of vents and fans in unoccupied portions of the house mainly at the top.

We all know that the air we exhale consists more of moisture and carbon-di-oxide.  This exhaled air is warn and rises up. While the used warn air rises up, cool air from the tops flows down. This process continues.  A house ventilation system installed at the top exhausts the used air and replaces it with fresh air from outside.

A ventilation system in a bathroom helps to exhaust any odor while a ventilation system in a kitchen will exhaust air filled with moisture and unwanted smell out of the house.

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