What is the Best Backup Sump Pump

What is the Best Backup Sump Pump : Battery Backup Sump Pump

If your basement / crawl space floods with water during the winter or if you live in an area where there are frequent power cuts due to thunderstorms, then you may want to buy a backup sump pump that can work on its own power without the need of electricity.

A sump pump that runs on its power is considered to be a support sump pump. If your primary pump fails, this back up sump pump should start working.

What is the best backup sump pump? How to choose the best backup sump pump?

There are two types of backup sump pumps:

  1. One that runs on a rechargeable 12 Volt battery, and
  2. One that is connected with your house’s water system and operates with water pressure.

Criteria to Choose the Best Sump Pump

  1. If the first pump fails, the second one should start automatically.
  2. If your first pump is not powerful enough to draw out the amount of water that collects ion your basement, then your backup sump pump should add power to your primary sump pump to do the job.
  3. The backup sump pump should operate on power of its own so that it works even when there are power cuts.

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