How Does a Washing Machine Work

How Does a Washing Machine Work : Washing Machine

A clothes washer or a washing machine is a very important and simple home appliance. It is connected to the hot and cold water supplies for water to be used for cleaning clothes. A motorized tub is fitted inside the appliance that that fills with water and churns the clothes. The drain of the machine finally empties the tub.

There are simple and contemporary washing machines. Contemporary washing machines are technologically advanced with automatic features. They automate almost every task involved in cleaning clothes.

Clothes washers or washing machines are available if different models with all kinds of features. Efficiency and performance of a washing machine depends on these features.

Automatic washers use water and electricity to do the cleaning job. Usage of water and electricity again depends of features built into a particular model.

How a Washing Machine Works

Different models of washing machines with different features are available today. Some of them load from the top while others load from the front. But all washing machines are more like a big tubs that fill up with water and when switched on, agitates to scrub clothes, and spin to wring out the water and hence clean the clothes.

Apart from the above basic features and functions, a washing machine may have other sophisticated functions with the settings and controls. New and technologically advanced clothes washers are incorporated with electronic timer. All you need to do is set the time and the machine will do the rest and will get automatically shut-off when the job is done.

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