How Bath Shower Works

How Bath Shower Works : Shower

A bathroom shower is basically an alternative to a bathtub. It may have hot and/ or cold running water flowing down like rain from a faucet or shower head located on the wall above the person standing for bath or shower. Hot and cold water supply knobs are adjusted until the correct temperature is reached.

Showers can be made of fiberglass, glass, stone, acrylic or even tile. Showers can be installed in any one of following three ways: as a single unit, a modular set, or custom built-in.

How Does a Shower Works

The working principal of a bathroom shower is very simple. When the knobs for water supply (Hot or Cold) are turned, water is gets pumped through the pipes. It often has two sources of water – Hot water from water heater and normal cold water. The shower has different knobs for hot and cold water. These knobs are adjusted to get the right temperature.

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