How Solar Water Heater Works

How Solar Water Heater Works : How Solar Water Heater Works

Solar water heaters or domestic solar water heater are cheap and cost-effective way to supply hot water for your home. They use solar radiation or sunshine as fuel.

This method of heating water is cheaper because we don’t have to pay for heat of the sun.

How Solar Water Heater Works

Initial water heaters were basically large metal containers painted in black because black color is a good conductor of heat and absorbs a lot of heat getting heated quickly. As the contained got heated with the heat of the sun, water stored in these containers also got heated. This was simple but was time-consuming because it took several hours to heat the water.

With the advancement of technology, solar cells and solar panels were made and new solar water heaters were developed. These new solar water heaters work on the same principle but have much sophisticated system including pumps, insulated storage tanks, temperature gauges, anti-freeze valves, and solar collector. This new system absorbs more heat energy from the sun and thus heats water quicker.

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