How to Install a Ceiling Fan

How to Install a Ceiling Fan : How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are quite easy to install. Simple ceiling fans with no light fixtures are easiest to install. Some of them come ready to install. All you have to do is fix and tighten the blades, hang the fan, connect the wires and you are done with the installation.

Ceiling fans with light fixtures are the ones that are little difficult to install. These lights in a fan-and-light assembly are good substitutes for an overhead light fixture and they add to home décor. These fan fan-and-light assembly have little complex wiring circuit. The fan can be controlled and regulated both from the wall switch and with the pull chain while the lights can be controlled with the pull chain. Some of these fans also come with a remote control.

Size of a ceiling fan should match the size of a room for proper performance. For example, a fan with blade size 42-inches or 44-inches is good for smaller rooms of say 225 square feet. Rooms with larger space will need a fan with larger blade of 52-inches. Also there should be at least 7 feet of clearance between the fan blades and the floor. This is important for proper air circulation.

How to install a ceiling fan: Step-by-Step Instructions

This ceiling fan installation instruction is applicable to both replacing an old fan and installation of a new ceiling fan.

  1. Ceiling fan installation can be done by one man if the fan is light. A fan with a heavy motor may need a helper during installation. Before starting installing the ceiling fan, turn off power to the fan circuit.
  2. Check the ceiling box for a bar hanger between two joists. If the bar hanger is in place, OK. If there is no bar hanger for the ceiling fan to hang, get a strong heavy-duty bar hanger and insert it through the hole in the ceiling, turn and tighten with a adjustable wrench. Fasten the box to the bar hanger using the U-bolt and nuts.
  3. Now, push the ceiling fan’s downrod through the canopy from above, and feed the wires from the fan motor through the downrod and canopy. Join the downrod to the motor, and tighten the screws that hold the two pieces together.
  4. Feed the wires from the electrical box through the fan ceiling plate and fasten the plate to the box with screws. Now hang the fan from the hook built into the ceiling plate.
  5. Referring to the manufacturer’s directions, make the connections with wire nuts, and press the wires into the electrical box. Unhook the fan, and slip the canopy over the ceiling plate. Secure the canopy and attach the fan blades.
  6. If you have a fan-and-light assembly with a light fixture, refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installing this kind of fans can be little complex. Make all the connections as per the instructions. Remember, these fans may have different connections and controls. Sometimes they also offer more than one choice and option. Do not get confused. Once you have made all the connections, fasten the fixture to the fan with screws and install light bulbs.

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