How to Install a Doorbell

How to Install a Doorbell : Doorbell Diagram

Installing a doorbell or door chime is easy. Doorbell installation process, whether new or to replace an old doorbell, is as simple as any other do-it-yourself (DIY) home project. The first thing to do is to decide and choose the type of doorbell or chime you need and the one that will suit your house.

How to install single doorbells is quite easy. All you have to do is to run a wire from the doorbell button to a terminal on the transformer. A second wire will run from another terminal of the transformer to the bell. The transformer is plugged or wired into a power source.

Similarly, installation of simple traditional doorbells on one or more doors is also easy. You can fix two buttons to ring the same bell. Installing this kind of a traditional doorbell on both front and back entry door has some disadvantage. The bell will ring and sound that same regardless of which button was pushed. You can’t make out which button was bushed and on which door the guest is.

Installing Doorbell Systems Running from two Different Door Buttons to the Same Chime

Installing a doorbell system running from two different door buttons to the same chime is little more complex. Start the installation process by running a wire from the transformer terminal to the front doorbell button. From the front button, run the same wire to the bell. Wiring runs from the bell to the second doorbell and from the second doorbell back to the same terminal on the transformer. This will complete the circuit from front to back button using one terminal or the transformer. A separate wire runs from the other transformer terminal to the bell.

Alternatively, you can install a wireless doorbell system. Installing a wireless system is relatively easy except the button. You will have to replace the old button with a new wireless doorbell button. The signaling bell could be either battery operated or it can be plugged into a household outlet. It can be placed anywhere inside the home within range of the wireless bell.

Door Chime Installation

Door chimes are often favored because one unit can be used for two or more doors, and you get different tone for each door. The number of chimes can be set to differentiate between doors. Door Chimes also offer pleasant sounds.

Door chimes installation process is much the same as doorbells. Wiring will depend on the number of door and chime options. One wire runs from the doorbell to a designated terminal on the chime. Another wire runs from the doorbell button to the transformer and back to the chime. Separate terminals are used for each doorbell button.


Doorbells are nice addition to any home for home improvement. Doorbells that can be easily installed make it easier to know when guests arrive. Doorbells ensure that visitors don’t have to knock the doors and that you don’t miss any visitor. You can follow the doorbell installation instructions and procedures mentioned herein or follow manufacturer’s installation instructions.

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