How to Save Energy Using Fireplace

How to Save Energy Using Fireplace : Fireplace

A fireplace can be a great source of heat on cold days and during winter. Here I explain how to use your fireplace to save energy and tips and ways to maximize its efficiency while minimizing heat loss:

  1. Close doors: Shut doors of the room while burning fire in the fireplace. This will keep the room warm and prevent the fire from drawing warm air out of the room to other parts of the house and replacing it with cold air from outdoors. Just open a nearby window so that enough air gets into the room to support the fire to burn.
  2. Buy good grate: All fireplace grates are not good enough. Make sure that your fireplace grate holds logs in a manner that maximizes heat flow to your room. It can also have C-shaped parallel tubes pointing toward the room to suck in cool air and recycling it back into the room after being been heated by the fire.
  3. Get Fireplace Enclosures: Many metal-and-glass fireplace enclosures areavailable that come with a fan to circulate heated air into the adjoining room.
  4. Close your damper: Prevent cold air from entering your home when your fireplace is not in use by closing your damper. This can save you up to 15 % of your total energy bill.
  5. Seal hearth and firebox: Keep cool air out and warn air in by applying caulk manufactured for this purpose around the hearth and firebox.
  6. Upgrade to gas fireplace: If you are having a wood-burning fireplace, but are not satisfied, you may consider upgrading to a gas burner. They burn more steadily than traditional hearths and can also save you money.
  7. Ventless Fireplace: If you don’t want any of those vents of chimney, you may consider a ventless fireplace.
  8. More Options: Pellet stoves are an alternative to fireplace. While they are more expensive, but they are generally more efficient and pollution-free as they burn pellets made from recycled organic material.

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