Ventless Fireplace

Ventless Fireplace : Ventless Fireplace

A Ventless fireplace is a vent-free fireplace with no chimney. Ventless fireplaces are natural gas or propane fired fireplaces. Because Ventless fireplaces don’t need any vent or chimney, they are much cheaper to install than vented models, and can be placed in rooms where other fireplaces cannot be installed.

Ventless (vent-free) fireplaces have an oxygen-depletion sensor to shut off the gas if the oxygen level ever drops below a preset level. Additionally, their burners produce very low levels of carbon monoxide.

Ventless fireplaces have very high efficiency ratings because all the heat is recirculated into the room. On the other hand, Ventless fireplaces have smaller and less realistic fire than other fireplaces. They are require you to leave a window slightly open during use.

How Ventless Fireplaces Works

The working principle of a vent less gas fireplace is quite simple. When the system is installed, the fire is adjusted to burn at optimum efficiency minimizing the release of harmful carbon monoxide gas and moisture to a level that is safe enough to be vented into the home.

Ventless Fireplace Buying Guide

Before you buy a ventless fireplace, workout on the area of the room you plan to install the fireplace in because ventless fireplaces vent into the home rather than outside through a chimney. It is extremely important that you choose an appropriately-sized model for the area you plan to use it in, otherwise, it can lead to unsafe carbon monoxide levels and damage moisture build-up in your home. Installing a ventless gas fireplace is not a do-it-yourself job. Hire an expert because if the system is not properly and carefully installed, it can lead to release of high level of carbon monoxide that can cause poisoning and even death. When installed and adjusted properly, ventless fireplaces are safe enough.

Most ventless fireplaces have sensors to sense and detect the level of carbon monoxide and oxygen. The system shuts the flame down if unsafe levels are detected protecting you from potential harm. When using ventless fireplace, follow all safety rules and be safe and comfortable.

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