Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring : Solid Wood Floor

A classic solid-wood flooring is what comes in mind with the idea of a traditional wood floor. Most solid-wood flooring features strips of up to 3 inches wide or planks that are normally more than 3 inches wide made exclusively from one wood species. Both strips and planks are cut and engineered from one piece of lumber.

Another very good solid-wood flooring option is parquet flooring. Parquet flooring tiles are made from small pieces of solid wood laid in intricate geometric patterns. These patterns could be herringbone, basket weave etc. Earlier parquet flooring tiles were laid as individually pieces but now they are laid in 6- to 12-inch tiles that give beautiful look and finish.

Solid-Wood Flooring Options

Most modern solid-wood flooring is ¾-inch thick. These are installed over a plywood subfloor either by nailing or stapling down the strips or planks. In recent times, there has been significant development solid-wood flooring. Now many solid-wood flooring manufacturers offer flooring products other than the standard ¾-inch thickness. Now even 5/16 inch thickness is also available. These hard-wood flooring products can be easily glued down over a concrete subfloor.

However, because both solid-wood strips and planks expand and contract with change in moisture and temperature, one should always take a cautious approach. Check and make sure that the moisture conditions of your concrete slab are suitable for this method of installing solid-wood flooring. Below-ground level rooms such as a basement are more moisture sensitive and therefore it is not a good idea to install wood flooring in such part of the home.

Most modern wood floors are coated with waterborne urethanes or impregnated acrylics that are durable, highly resistant to water, and require very little care. These coatings make the wood more durable. Homeowners who prefer to sand, stain, and seal their floor themselves can go for unfinished solid-wood floors. A solid-wood floor can be sanded several times throughout its lifetime.

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