Home Air Purifiers – How to Select the Best Air Purifier for Home

Home Air Purifiers – How to Select the Best Air Purifier for Home : Home Air Purifier

Air purifier is a simple machine used to clean or purify air, mainly indoor air to remove pollutants and remove odor from a room.

Different types of air purifiers are available – home air purifiers, air purifiers for hotels and hospitality industry, air purifiers for industries and air purifiers for healthcare units. All these air purifiers work on more or less the same concept with little difference in technology used. Most of these air purifiers help to remove oil, mist, smoke and other pollutants from air.

In this article, I discuss about home air purifiers. Home air purifiers should help to remove contaminants and pollutants like contaminant from kitchen, dust, smoke etc.

What is the Need for Home Air Purifier?

Air in home can get polluted because of various sources like smoke from burning wood, cigarettes, gas, oil etc. Even improper ventilation could cause air pollution in a home. Contaminated air could be a health risk. This makes it important to install home air purifiers.

Types of Air Filters

All air purifiers have a kind of filter to purify air. This air filter absorbs all pollutants and odor and lets out only fresh and filtered air. Different types of air filters are used in air purifiers depending on the place it is going to be installed. Different filters are capable of removing different pollutants from air. Some air purifiers may need only one type of air filter while others may need more than one air filter. Common types of filters used in air purifiers are:

  1. Air filter to remove dust, pollen and odor.
  2. Filters that can remove High Efficiency Particulate (HEP)
  3. Ultra-HEPA air filters
  4. Activated Carbon air filter
  5. Charged Media air filter
  6. Antibacterial air filter
  7. Germicidal air filter
  8. UV air filter

How Home Air Purifier Works?

It is important to understand how home air purifiers work. This will also help you in selecting the best air purifier for your home.

Different types of air purifiers work using different principles and technology. Some air purifiers use ionic charge to purify air quality. Some use liquid ionizers. How an air purifier works depends on its type and place it is installed.

Which is the Best Home Air Purifier?

Most common air purifiers for residential or home use are HEPA (High Energy Particulate Arrestance), Ionic, and UV (Ultra Violet) filter-based.

Home air purifiers certified as HEPA must be able to remove 99.97% smallest particles (measuring 0.3 micrometers) from air.

Ionic home air purifiers discharge negative ion charge to all suspended particles in air making them heavy so that they settle down on the ground. These particles can then be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

UV filter-based air purifiers circulate the air through it, destroying all the airborne particles using ultra violet rays. Air that comes out of the purifier is free from suspended particles.

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier for Home?

When buying a new home air purifier, remember following points:

  1. Find capacity of the air purifier unit you are considering to buy.
  2. Make sure the unit does not take too much time to circulate air in room.
  3. Select the proper air purifier with best suitable filter.
  4. Make sure the unit is marked energy star to save energy.

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