Washing Machine: Top Load Washing Machine Vs Front Load Washing Machine

Washing Machine: Top Load Washing Machine Vs Front Load Washing Machine : Front Load Washing Machine

Are you planning to buy a new washing machine? Do you want to know which is the best washing machine? What is a top load washing machine and what is front load washing machine? What is the difference between a top loaded clothes washer and a front load washing machine? There are several electronic companies that make washing machine. Many of them advertise there product as the best. In this situation a simple buyer more often gets confused as to which is the best washing machine to buy. Should he buy a front loaded washing machine or a top loader?

The simple formula is to buy a model that is reliable, robust, easy to install and user friendly. The washing machine must use less water and less detergent powder and should be energy efficient.

Types of Washing Machine

There are two types of washing machine available in the market:

  1. Semi Automatic Washing Machine – These machines are top loading machines which means that you have to load all the clothes to be washed from the top.
  2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine – These machines can be top loading or front-loading.

What is a Top Loading Washing Machine?

A top-loading washing machine is one that is opened from the top. All the dirty clothes and put in the machine from top. It is easy to put more clothes in the middle of a washing cycle. These washing machines do not need any permanent plumbing for water supply and are easily portable. These washers take less time to clean clothes and consume less water. They are also less expensive as compared to front loading washing machines. However, they consume more electricity.

What is a Front Loading Washing Machine?

Front loading washing machines are those that take the entire load from the front. They consume less water and are energy efficient. They use tumble wash action and gives better wash and clean clothes but takes more time to clean clothes. However, front load washing machines need permanent plumbing for water supply at high pressure. They need to be fixed at a place and are not easily portable. All front-loading machines are fully automatic and are gentler on the clothes than a top-loading machine but one cannot open the machine mid-way through a cycle. They are also more expensive than top-loaders.

Compare: Top Loading Washing Machine Vs Front Loading Washing Machine

Both Top loading and front loading washing machines have there own advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at these pros and cons:

Advantages / Pros of the Front Loading Washing Machine:

  1. Front load washing machines need less water that top loading washing machine.
  2. They cause less wear and tear on cloths during washing cycle.

Disadvantages / Cons of the Front Loading Washing Machine:

  1. One has to bend down to put cloths. This may not be good for elderly people.
  2. They take more time to wash clothes.
  3. They are good with only “he” rated quality washing powder or detergents.

Advantages / Pros of Top Loading Washing Machine:

  1. They take less time to wash.
  2. They are easier to load.
  3. These machines work good with even less powerful washing powder or detergents.

Disadvantages / Cons of Top Loading Washing Machine:

  1. They cause more wear and tear to clothes. Select the best suitable settings from the control panel of the washing machine to avoid wear or clothes.
  2. They use too much water.
  3. They are too noisy.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine for Family?

Always choose a reliable, robust, easy to install and user friendly washing machine. Top loading fully automatic washing machines are a good choice for the people who live in areas with frequent power cuts. It is also much more convenient to use than front-loading machines. On the other hand, front-loading washing machines offer better and clean wash and save water and energy. Front loading machines are preferred and rated as the best worldwide.

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