Christmas Tree Flocking – Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Flocking – Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees : Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas tree flocking is artificial snow applied to a Christmas tree. Both artificial and real Christmas trees can be flocked to give it a look of real snow. Flocking of Christmas trees with snow is done with material made at home. Ready to buy flocked artificial Christmas trees are also available to buy. Some people even do professional spraying at nurseries.

Many nurseries that grow Christmas trees for commercial purposes use flocking made from cellulose, water, spray adhesive etc. Pre-flocked Christmas trees are also available for sale at stores and nursery. Some nurseries also do custom flocking of Christmas trees. Check out at your nearest nursery. Most nursery flockers normally use a kind of spray for the purpose. Keep in mind that flocked trees are not available at all nurseries.

Ready to buy artificial flocked Christmas trees are also available in stores and some nurseries. Many choices and sizes are available – Christmas trees with flocking all over or flocking just on the branches. Please keep in mind that flocking can get yellow over time. Many of these artificial flocked Christmas trees are pre-lit with Christmas lights.

How to Do Christmas Tree Flocking at Home

You can buy ready to use Christmas tree flocking kits or make home-made flocking. Most ready to use flocking kits include glue, ornaments and Christmas tree flocking. The glue is placed on the ornament and flocking is sprinkled on to stick to the glued areas.

You ca make a mixture of soap flakes, starch and water with little food coloring of your own choice and apply it to the Christmas tree. Another very popular method of Christmas tree flocking is to apply fresh snow.

Christmas tree flocking used on garlands for decorating stairway banisters, wreaths and mantels add more beauty to the Christmas tree and compliments the look of Christmas tree flocking.

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