How to Paint Metal Surface at Home

How to Paint Metal Surface at Home : How to Paint Metal Surface

Painting metal surface at home is quite easy because most metal surfaces are smooth. Well painted metal surfaces of a home, both interior and exterior, can add beauty and value to it. Well painted, good looking and beautifully painted metal surfaces of a home can be very pleasant and peaceful.

Different metal surfaces need different paint products depending on the type of metal surface you wish to paint.  This painting guide on how to paint metal surface at home will teach you how to professionally paint the interior and exterior metal surfaces of your home without having to hire any expert. You will learn pre-painting treatments and painting techniques.

Pre-Painting Treatment

All metal surfaces to be painted should be free from dirt, dust, grease, rust, moisture etc. Cover the area which is not to be painted with masking tape, paper or cloth.

Surface Preparation

  • Before starting to paint, make sure that the surface is free from moisture and any loose matter.
  • If there are any dents or surface imperfections, fix them by applying paste filler.
  • Remove all grease and rust from ferrous metal substrates. Apply corrosion resistant either by brushing or spraying.
  • If you are painting nonferrous metal substrates like aluminum, galvanized iron or tin, then pre-treat the surface with a good quality metal wash primer.
  • Allow the primer coat to dry for at least 6 hours and then dry sand paper. For better results, apply another coat of primer and allow to dry completely for another 4 to 6 hours.

Painting Metal Surface

  • Make sure the primer coat is completely dry.
  • Apply top coat suitable metal paint (Gloss Enamel, Satin Enamel or Synthetic Enamel) using the recommended thinner. Allow 8 – 10 hours for the first coat to dry.
  • When the first coat is dry, it should be wet sanded with waterproof emery paper.
  • Apply second coat after 8 – 10 hours.

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