Bedroom Decorating and Makeover Ideas

Bedroom Decorating and Makeover Ideas : A Beautiful Bedroom

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home and we all want it to be beautiful and peaceful. According to Feng Shui, things that are not useful should not be kept under the bed or near the bed. Avoid keeping television or study table in the bedroom. There should not be pictures of water or hills in the bedroom. Dolls or soft toys should not be kept on the bed .The bed should be kept in south-east direction.

Bed sheet should be changed every week. To give a relaxed look to the bedroom, you can use square-shaped or European style pillows. Fresh flowers or aroma candles can also be used to give the bedroom a fresh look. To make your room eco-friendly you can use fabric or green-colored curtains.

Here are some tips and ideas to renovate your bedroom and make it more peaceful, beautiful and relaxing.

Bedroom Decor and Renovation Ideas

  1. Always use cotton fabric bed sheet in the bed room because it is very comfortable. Pillows and mattress used in the bedroom should not be much harder or too much soft.
  2. Bedroom should not be painted with dull colors because it can create depression mood in the bedroom.
  3. According to Feng Shui, the bed in should be kept in such a position so that the entrance of your house can be seen because it is called the “power portion” of the house.
  4. You can give a personal feeling to your bedroom by putting photographs of friends, relatives or greetings of friends etc.
  5. Things should not be scattered in the bedroom because it creates an unpleasant feeling.
  6. While painting your bedroom, make sure that the color selection is correct and according to your taste. For children’s bedroom, bright colors like blue can be used and for middle age group pink, lavender, green etc colors can be used. If you want to give your bedroom some different look then you can choose different theme to the single wall of your bedroom.
  7. While selecting curtain or bed sheet it should be kept in mind that for children and for middle age group, printed or animated fabric prints look nice.
  8. Lighting arrangement should not be very bright and colorful as because the projection of light should make you feel comfortable. Night lamp or book lamp can also be used in the bedroom.

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