Induction Cooking FAQ – All About Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking FAQ – All About Induction Cooking : Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is a cooking method without any flame. This cooking technology is not new. It has been used in western countries and many other parts of the world for years. Technological advancement in the past few years has increased the popularity and reach of this cooking technology.

Taking into account the advantages of induction cooking, very soon it may find its place in most kitchens around the world.

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking is a new technology that produces heat directly into the induction cooker or pan without any flame or fire.

The upper part of induction cooker is made of ceramic glass. Its lower portion consists of a container coil which produces high frequency electro-magnetic field through electricity. This electromagnetic field heats the metal of pan which is placed above it. This heat does not affect the outer portion of the pan. After the pan is removed, it gets cool automatically.

How Induction Cooking Works?

Is It As Safe And Powerful As Gas Cylinder Used In Kitchen?

Yes, it is as safe and powerful as gas cylinder and it also keeps the kitchen clean and cold.

How is Induction Cooking as Safe as Gas Cylinder?

Induction cooking does not use gas and does not produces flame. Therefore, there is no question of leakage of gas which can catch fire in the kitchen. Ceramic glass on the cookware is always cold so there is no fear of burning hands.

What Are the Benefits of Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking has several benefits:

  1. It takes less time for heating and cooling.
  2. Induction cooker is portable and is idle for outdoor cooking.
  3. You can also increase or decrease the temperature according to your need.
  4. With the help of induction cooking, you can cook food of your choice, any time, any where.

Is There Any Need Of Special Utensils Or Cookware?

Any kind of utensils which can supports magnetic field can be used for induction cooking – Iron cookware, iron cookware with enamel coating, stainless steel (magnetic) can all be used. There is unique safety feature in induction cooker – if the pan is not magnetic then it won’t produce any energy.

How Does Induction Cooking Keep the Kitchen Clean and Cool?

Induction cooker heats the pan and food without heating the environment which keeps the environment cool. It does not produce vapor as gas cylinder does, so it keeps the kitchen clean. Induction cooker can be cleaned very easily without making any scratch on it. All this features keeps the kitchen clean and cool.

Does Induction Cooking Save Time And Energy?

Yes, it saves time and energy as it heats the pan and food directly without heating the environment.

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