How to Save Electricity – Tips and Guide to Saving Electricity

How to Save Electricity – Tips and Guide to Saving Electricity : Save Electricity at Home

We all use some of the other electrical equipment and appliances at home and office. Some of them consume less electricity while others use too much electricity.

With increasing cost of electricity and increasing shortage of electricity, we need to follow some basic tips to consume less electricity and save energy. This will not only save energy but will also decrease the electricity bill.

Below are some basic simple yet useful tips and ideas to consume less electricity and save energy:

  1. Replace regular bulbs by CFL lamps: We all know that CFL Lamps consume less electricity than regular bulbs. This can save upto 60 watts per hour of energy.
  2. Purchase 5 Star Rated Appliances: Always buy home appliances that are 5 star rated from Energy Star of BEE. Every star saves about 60 Watts of electricity per hour. So, when you switch to a 5 Star Rated air conditioner from a 2 Star Rated AC, it can save upto 11000 watts per month. This can slash the electricity bill to a great extent.
  3. Use Laptops. Avoid or Replace Desktops: Laptops consume less electricity than desktop computers. Avoid or replace desktop computers with a laptop. Every replaced desktop can save upto 80 watts of electricity per hour
  4. Avoid using High-Wattage Appliances Multiple Times: Appliances like microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, clothes dryer, iron etc consume too much electricity. Use these appliances wisely. Reducing use of these appliances can save several hundred watts of energy per hour.
  5. Switch OFF Unnecessary Switches: Most people just switch OFF the TV from the remote control. This is a big mistake. After using appliances like the microwave oven and TV just switch them OFF not only from the remote but also the switch. This can save upto 10 watts of electricity per appliance per hour.
  6. Turn OFF Battery Chargers After Use: We all charge battery of our mobile cell phones and other rechargeable batteries. Most of us just remove the charger when the battery is charged and leave the switch ON. This is another mistake that most people make. Never leave such switched ONN. Always switch them OFF after use. This can save upto 10 watts per hour for each charger. Can you imagine how much electricity can be saved when billions of people worldwide practice this simple energy saving tip.
  7. Switch OFF Lights, Fans and Other Appliances when Not in Use: This is just careless mistake that most people make. Every light and fan switched OFF can save upto 100 watts per hour.
  8. Minimize the Use of Elevator: Minimize or avoid the use of elevators. They consume too much electricity. Use the stairs instead. This is good for your health and can save electricity. Did you know that when you climb a single floor using the stairs, you save upto 60 watts or energy.
  9. Use Solar Energy: Using solar and other renewable energy can save electricity. Many products are available that use solar energy. This is not only green and renewable energy but it also saves hydropower.

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