How to Save Energy and Money at Home – Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home

How to Save Energy and Money at Home – Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home : Save Electricity

In order to lessen your ecological footprint, it’s important to limit your electricity consumption. While this can seem a bit obvious, not many people know that there are ways, outside of turning a light off when they leave a room, which they can greatly reduce energy consumption and electricity bill without impacting their lives. Check out these useful tips for limiting your energy consumption, dropping your utility bills, saving money, and doing your part to conserve the environment.

Reconsider Comfort – While we have all grown accustomed to living in comfortable temperatures year-round, there is often room for improvement. Keeping your home at a chilly 68 degrees during the blistering hot days of summer is nice, but the energy used to accomplish this is drastic. Bump your thermostat up to 72 degrees. You might not even notice the change, and even if you do, you certainly won’t risk heat stroke for your efforts. The same goes for the winter. Change the thermostat from 72 to 68 degrees or even a bit lower. You can always put more clothes on or cuddle up under a blanket.

Don’t Be Fooled – Most appliances that have off functions can still pull power when turned off. Unplug appliances when they aren’t in use. This includes chargers. These days, everything we use has a charger. If your phone or iPad isn’t plugged in, the charger is still pulling electricity. Unplug it completely when not in use. This goes for window unit air conditioners as well. When in doubt, unplug.

Buy Green – Energy efficient light bulbs may be more expensive, but they pay for themselves. While you pay more for the light bulb, it will last three to five times as long as a regular light bulb and use much less electricity. Energy star rated appliances are another wise purchase. While we can’t eliminate the electrical appliances we use, we can optimize the electricity usage.

Let Nature Work for You – Electronics chargers powered by solar energy are another way to save juice. The sun is free; why not use it to power your favorite gadgets? Also, consider line drying your clothes during the summer months. Clothes dryers pull an abundance of electricity, and eliminating that usage will make a considerable dent in your electricity consumption. If you must use the clothes dryer, limit the length of your cycles. Pull the clothes out when they are still a bit damp and hang them to dry. They won’t risk mildew by that point and you will be cutting down at the same time. Also, open up the curtains to let light in during the day. Natural light can eliminate the need for electrical lighting for the majority of your day. If there’s a nice breeze outside, turn off the air and open up the windows. Even setting a fan in the window will save energy compared to running an AC unit.

Taking small steps toward lessening your environmental footprint will add up in a big way. Not only will you see your progress on your electric bill, but you will have the peace of mind knowing you are making a difference.

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