Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Get Your Home Ready for Winter : Winter Home

During the winter of last year, more than one third of home insurance claims were weather related.  Many of those claims could have been prevented if the homeowner had taken some time during the Autumn Fall to prepare their home for the coming bad weather. Here are some simple and useful tips to help you get your house ready for the winter so that you can be warm, comfortable, and safe should bad weather hit.

Save Money on Your Energy Deal

Energy prices are on the increase.  Use one of the popular online comparison tools to make sure you have a good rate.  If you haven’t swapped within the last 12 months, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to save money by switching, and lock yourself into a good tariff that will protect you from price increases for the next couple of years. (Read: How to Use Less Electricity at Home & Save Electricity Bill)

Bring In Your Garden Furniture

The good weather is over now, so don’t leave that garden furniture out to rust or rot.  Clean it off, treat it with wood sealant or some WD40, and store it in your shed where it can stay dry and clean until next summer. (Read: How to Paint Wooden Surface at Home)

Clear Your Drains and Guttering

Make sure that your drains and guttering are clean and free of leaves and other debris.  Clogged gutters can cause damp, and if the weight of the sediment build-up in the gutters gets heavy enough, it could damage the gutters. It only takes a couple of minutes to get up on a ladder and take a look, and it could save you a fortune in the long run.

Prune Your Trees

If you have any trees with loose or low-hanging branches, cut them back now, before the high winds hit.

Varnish Your Exterior Doors and Fences

Make sure that your oak front doors have been varnished and weather treated.  Wooden exterior doors should be treated every couple of years to make sure they stay in perfect condition. It’s best to treat oak front doors at the end or summer, or the beginning of autumn, when the weather is not too warm, but is still nice and dry.

This time of year is also perfect for fixing damaged fences, and weather treating gates and other exterior woodwork.

Last Minute Home Improvements

If you’ve been meaning to sort out double glazing, loft insulation, or other improvements, stop putting them off!  This is especially important when it comes to heating repairs, or getting a new oven installed.  The last thing you want is for your oven to break on a cold winter evening, or for your central heating to malfunction when there’s snow on the ground outside. Sort out your to-do list now, while the weather is still decent, and the local repair man doesn’t have a waiting list.

You may not feel like spending the next long weekend worrying about home improvements and gardening, but it’s worth doing as many odd jobs as you can while the conditions outside are still decent.  If nothing else, it will save you from having a long list of repairs to do in the spring.

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