Alternative Lighting Solutions for Home and Office

Alternative Lighting Solutions for Home and Office : Ambience Light for Home

So, you’re looking for alternative ways to light your propertyHome or Office. Maybe you want to create some ambience with different lighting solutions. Maybe you just find generic lighting solutions to be boring. Well, you are in the right place.

Below are some alternative and unique lighting solutions for your home and office. Create a difference with these alternative lighting solutions.


What is ambience? According to Google dictionary, ambience is ‘The character and atmosphere of a place.’

As I’m sure you know, lighting can have a massive impact on the ambience of a place. You may want to create a warm and inviting ambience – in which case the product below would be perfect – this lamp has dark shades, but inside the dark shades is a layer of gold, meaning that the light coming from the bulbs reflects off of the gold interior of the shade and creates a lovely, almost sunny feel. And in its self, the design of the lamp adds elegance and sophistication.

Ambience Light for Home

Ambience Light for Home

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor home lighting can be troublesome, as it is hard to come by. It isn’t necessarily something that people consider as important, so, as such, it doesn’t get manufactured to such a high quantity. And even if you find something in a store, it is likely to be very similar to something that everyone else has. This is where this product can come in handy.

This Firefly Glowing Sphere is perfect for lighting your garden. They come in a range of colours, and are battery operated. Imagine how beautiful they would look lining the edge of your garden, nestled between the flowers and bushes. They are also buoyant, so would look fabulous floating on the surface of your pool.

Glowing Sphere Lighting for Home

Glowing Sphere Lighting for Home

Something Different

Maybe you are just looking for a normal lamp, but with a bit of a difference. Something unusual. A talking point. That’s why you will love this piece… I know I do!

This ‘Fold a Lighttable lamp is as functional as a standard lamp but completely defies the conventions of a standard lamp. And the light output can simply be controlled by adjusting the angle at which the lamp is standing.

Fold a Light Table Lamp

Fold a Light Table Lamp

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