Tips for Moving into Your First Home

Tips for Moving into Your First Home : First New House

So, you are moving into your first home? Whether this is your first apartment away from mom, dad, and the dorm rooms or you just inked a deal on your first house after years of apartment living, you will doubtless need to furnish your new digs and make them your own. Some people save for years to build a nest egg for a new place, while others spend nearly all they have on purchasing a new home. Regardless of which category you fall into, a few helpful tips will help get you on your way.

Take an Inventory

Buying new furniture and accessories can begin to have a snowball effect. You find yourself in a furniture store, where you came to buy a couch, and suddenly, you have rugs, throw pillows, and a coffee table in your trunk. It is easy to go a little bit crazy when you are shopping for new things, especially if you have not bought new household items for a while. This is why you should make a list of things that you already have. Once your possessions are in boxes, you may forget what you have. Keeping a spreadsheet of things you have and things you need that you can access from your phone at the store helps. That way, you only look for things on your list that you do not already own.

Go For Quality

Even if your budget is slim, try to invest in quality furniture that will last. These big-ticket items may cost you more in the future if you purchase something that will not hold up. If you have young kids or a puppy, look for couches that come with interchangeable, washable slipcovers. You can also opt for furniture that has a wooden frame and fabric cushions. The frame will last, even if you have to get the cushions re-covered. Do not spend large amounts of money on big pieces of furniture that have fabric that is easily torn or stained. Good furniture will last you for years and will probably be in your children’s homes one day, while pieces that are not durable require an endless cycle of replacement.

Think About the Future

If you have a spare room that you want to convert from an office to a guest room in the future, think about that as you shop for other rooms. Perhaps get a sleeper sofa for your living room that can be moved into the guest room at a later date. It is also smart to purchase small items, like pillows, storage bins, and decorative pieces that will work in multiple rooms of your house. That way, the throw pillows from your bedroom could work on the couch if you get a new comforter set in the future, or the storage bins in the kids’ rooms could go in an office when they get older.

Ways to Save Money

Saving money is a top priority for many people as they fix up their new home. One great way is to look for gently used, quality furniture. Wooden coffee tables or desks can be bought used for less than half of the price they might cost new. You can also shop for furniture around big sales holidays, like President’s Day, to get good deals. One of the easiest ways to stay within your budget is to use your computer. You can find great prices for many items on the internet; for instance, mattresses online are often far more affordable than those in the store.

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