Tap Water Purifier for Home – Buying Guide and Review

Tap Water Purifier for Home – Buying Guide and Review : Tap Water Purifier

Tap water purifier for home (also called tap water filter) are water purification units that are directly connect to the water tap for instant delivery of purified, filtered and cleaner drinking water.

When buying tap water purifier keep following points in mind:

  1. Easy and Quick Installation – The unit must be easy to install. Most “On Tap Water Purifiers” come with a tap adapter for easy and simple installation. When buying a tap water purifier, make sure it is easy to install.
  2. Purification and Filtration – Make sure the unit actually does what it says. Read buying guides and reviews online or even take tips and suggestions from friends. The purifier must be able to remove all contamination including – chlorine, bad tastes and smells, sediments etc. The purified water must be good and safe for drinking, cooking and cleaning purposes. Additionally, the unit must have features to prevent growth of bacteria inside the filter itself.
  3. Filter Replacement – The system must have some kind of indicator to replace the cartridge or the filter. Most good branded purifiers come with LED Light indicators for cartridge / filter replacement. You should be easily able to change / replace the filter when required.
  4. Separate Controls for Hot and Cold Water – The home tap water purifier unit must have separate controls for hot and cold water. It can be fitted with your instant hot water dispenser.
  5. Flow of Water – The rate of flow of water from the purifier must be high. Most good quality home tap water purifiers have a flow rate of around 2 to 3 liters of water per minute. The unit must also have option for stream and spray of filtered water or unfiltered water.

Which is the Best on Tap Water Purifier for Home?

When it comes to the best tap water purifier for home, you have several good choices. Following makers of such purifiers are tried, tested and trusted:

  1. Brita Water Filters — Drinking Water Filtration Systems
  2. PUR Water Filters, Water Filtration Systems & Purifier Filters
  3. Philips – On tap water purifier
  4. PurifiCup Portable TAP Water Purifier
  5. Kent Tap Guard Tap Water Purifier

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