The Undeniable Benefits of Fibreglass Roofing Sheets

The Undeniable Benefits of Fibreglass Roofing Sheets : Fibreglass Roofing Sheets

As far as external surfaces go, it would be pretty safe to say that the roof of any building ranks right up there with the most important of all. As such, it’s also fair to say that a surface of such importance should be afforded every possible consideration in terms of the materials used to ensure its optimal performance, which is precisely where fibreglass roofing sheets come into the equation.

Fibreglass roofing – aka its official handle of Glass Reinforced Plastic – is the very dictionary definition of what it is to be durable, versatile and resistant to all manner of external influences and elements. And if that wasn’t enough to convince anyone to give thought to GRP roofing, fibreglass sheets are also incredible insulators and can lead to massive savings on both heating and general power bills all year round.

Top all of the above off with the way in which fibreglass sheets are a known contributor to overall property values and you have yourself a total package that’s really unlike any other on the face of the Earth today.

A Long Legacy

Fibreglass in its modern form owes its origins back to the 30s, but its original use primarily as a material of insulation quickly expanded into some exciting and perhaps revolutionary potential uses. GRP is unique in that it is comprised of a mixture of plastic polyester resin and glass, which gives the final product not only quite incredible flexibility, but also the highest level of strength. Given the way in which the roof of the home is for obvious reasons exposed to rather severe punishment for much of the year, it pretty much goes without saying that this kind of durability and resistance is just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

Because of its unique composition and resulting strength, a GRP roof or any such component will stand the tests of time better than perhaps any conventional material on the market today – most GRP sheets and roofing panels have estimated lives of at least 30 years+. It might not appear to be the most obviously resistant and hard-wearing material on the face of the Earth at first inspection, but if you think of where else GRP is used, its value in home improvement terms really comes to light.

For decades, GRP has been used to create the hulls of boats, the bodies of various vehicles and even in the primary makeup of airplane fuselages – just a few examples that should demonstrate the marvelous properties of the fibreglass roofs to anyone.

Versatility Unbound

One of the best things of all about using GRP for home remodeling projects is that way in which fibreglass roofing sheets are fully compatible with pretty much every shape, size and variation of roof anywhere in Britain today. The range even extends to various examples of door canopies and coverings for outdoor buildings.

These kinds of roofs can make an exceptional difference to any building, but the biggest change of all will come to those looking to upgrade flat roofs and those reliant on felt for protection – both of which are famed for leaking with quite alarming regularity. Put simply, any roof that doesn’t present reasonably steep angles will result in water finding places to collect here and there, which given enough time is largely guaranteed to leak into the home – particularly where the seams are located.

This is a problem that fibreglass roofing sheets have the very real potential to mop up and hang out to dry once and for all as unlike most other roofing products on the market, they are not only a good barrier against water but are in fact 100% water-proof outright. The coverage and protection offered by GRP roofing sheets is both total and consistent across the entire length of the roof, meaning that build up or no build up, water cannot and will not leak through…ever.

What the above adds up to is not only priceless peace of mind for the occupants of the building, but real and tangible savings over the long-term that would normally be associated with periodic or perhaps frequent repairs. This is one of the reasons that overall costs of cutting-edge GRP roofing pale in comparison to the alternatives.

A New Standard

Fibreglass Roof

Fibreglass Roof

Generally speaking, fibreglass roofing sheets are made invaluable by the authorised professionals who operate within all necessary UK building guidelines. Or to put it another way, they aren’t thrown out in the same one-size-fits-all approach that 99% of all other building supplies are made by. One of the biggest benefits of this is the way in which the panels and sheets not only fit like a glove without modification, but also require no heavy-duty installation efforts using blowtorches and the like.

As such, they make the perfect choice for both professionals and plucky amateurs considering a little DIY alike.

And as far as those all-important aesthetics go, GRP sheets can be created and finished with pretty much any design and colour imaginable, opening huge possibilities in terms of creativity.

Despite being lightweight and easy to install, fibreglass sheets are hugely strong and can easily stand up to the weight of a person. What’s more, they’re sleek and smooth to look at and yet 100% non-slip for those walking on them. They’re also easily able to stand up to the assault of a pressure-washer as a means to keep them clean, which in the case of other roofing would leave the surface dangerously slippery!

In Summary

All in all, there’s little arguing with the fact that GRP roofing really is a superior option to anything that’s on the market today and perhaps ever will be…at least in our lifetime. It’s already being incorporated into the latest building designs up and down the country, which should encourage anyone considering a home improvement or remodelling project to think about doing exactly the same.

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