What is Epoxy Floor Paint?

What is Epoxy Floor Paint? : Epoxy Flooring

Ask a painter or builder about epoxy paint and he will say that it could be the answer to all your problems. Do you want that floor you have always dreamed about in the kitchen, garage or patio that is strong, durable and colourful? Do you need a good surface in your shop, warehouse, or assembly yard? Then choose epoxy.

Epoxies are synthetic materials. Chemically, they are polymers that are used as coatings and adhesives. They start as liquids and then change chemically into a solid form.

Two Components

Any kind of epoxy paint or adhesive is made up of two parts: a resin and a hardener, also known as a curing material. The resin is a light, or sometimes clear, viscous liquid that doesn’t have any odour. The hardener is darker with a noticeable odour. When these two substances are mixed together, they react chemically and harden into a strong plastic. Epoxies have very high adhesive properties, making them ideal for use in embedding electronic components in gadgets and appliances. They are also used as a coating for other composite materials such as carbon fibres.


An epoxy-based material has excellent durability, chemical resistance, low porosity and superb electrical insulation properties. Their only problem is that they can lose their gloss. Ultra-violet rays in sunlight will fade colours in pigmented epoxies. Even a clear epoxy coating may cloud up over time. The solution to this is to add a latex or urethane coat on top of the epoxy coating to retain the colour.


Epoxy floor paint can be used at home or in the most demanding industrial premises where it has to sustain a huge traffic of heavy loads. Some versions of epoxy floor covering are able to disperse as they set and dry and create an extremely strong floor that is ideal for heavy traffic in industrial premises. The addition of quartz sand to this mixture will give the floor anti-slip protection. Anyone looking for a highly decorative epoxy flooring that has superb anti-slip properties just needs to add gravel of any size or colour. This may be one of the most difficult types of floors to lay but it is really worth the effort.

Epoxy mortars are a very strong version of the floor paint. These are the materials that are used for repairing cracks and joints in existing floors before coating with another type of epoxy paint as the final layer.

All epoxy paints can be mixed with other types of fragments to give any decorative effect desired. They can provide a spectacular effect over large spaces, or the safest and most rigidly sealed bathroom floor you have ever had. There are endless adaptations to these floor paints. They can also incorporate anti-static and anti-bacterial properties to make them suitable for sensitive or sterile areas.

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