Free Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

Free Home Decoration Tips and Ideas : Home Decorating Ideas

Improving our home usually requires a decent amount of spending money. Major projects require us to expend quite a bit, though that doesn’t always need to go this way. For the most part there are plenty of things we can use to make do and still make a difference without resorting to spending money at all.

This article focuses on a few possible solutions for rainy days or simply when you don’t want to shop.

Free Home Decoration Tips and Ideas:

  • You can use a quilt to act as a headboard or decoration to your already existing headboard. Your bed will look homey and different, though you can also use other similar solutions to this step if you can find anything pretty that fits the bill.
  • If you have lots of cables lying on the floor and you’re constantly worried about them being in the way, try to get them together near a wall. Prop up some artwork such as paintings to conceal them out of sight.
  • If you have a fireplace and you’re not using it off-season, then you can simply place a large potted plant within to break up the hollowness of that dark alcove.
  • Use your napkins for replacement napkin rings. If you have several ones with the same color you can easily use them during any meal. Though this is an unconventional solution it can still work pretty well.
  • Use ribbons to decorate your dresser. You can tie them up around the drawer handles in your kid’s room. Avoid doing that if your kids are still toddlers, as they may hurt themselves by pulling on their ends.
  • Retouch old chairs you own by painting their legs and frame. Sometimes a bit of a touch-up can go a long way, saving you the trouble of buying new furniture.
  • Use wrapping paper to cover up old boxes used for storage. Why have something old and boring sitting around when you can spruce it up with a bit of color and character? Using wrapping paper and gift labels can create boxes you can easily appropriate for a number of purposes, such as storing documents, mementos and other goodies.
  • Hang your photos on a single wall. They would look a lot better when they are confined to a single space, as people will be able to view them as a gallery instead. Before you arrange them however, place them on the floor and decide whether they will look good that way. The frames may not match, however that may not be as problematic as you might think. Sometimes lack of symmetry appears more interesting than its presence.
  • Plant some herbs or other plants in florist vases or pots. If you have enough containers to do that you can spruce up your home, making it livelier and more colorful by strategically placing them around your home. You can wrap the pots or vases in stock or wrapping paper and twine if they are not visually interesting.

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