Wu-Yi Tea: What is the Truth About this Chinese “Miracle Tea”?

Wu-Yi Tea: What is the Truth About this Chinese “Miracle Tea”? : Wu-Yi Tea Garden

Does wu-yi tea really work? Is it safe? What are its benefits? What is the truth about wu-yi tea? These are some of the questions related to the Chinese wu-yi tea. Millions of people around the globe are looking for information on wu-yi tea. Sites and blogs are flooded with all kinds of information and even scams. According to EasyWeightLossTea.com, “the wu-yi system is the newest healthy alternative for fast weight loss. Wu-yi tea is not only all-natural, it’s also the ancient Chinese weight loss secret and that’s one of the reasons why the people of Asia stay so slim!”

So what is special about wu-yi tea? Is it natural and herbal? Or is it a scam?

What is Wu-Yi Tea?

Wu-yi tea gets its name from the Wu-Yi province in China where it is widely produced. Wu-Yi in China is geographically very similar to Darjeeling in India and they both are famous for tea gardens producing some of the finest tea in the world. Tea produced in the Wu-Yi province is also called wu-yi tea or oolong tea. The Chinese wu-yi tea and has been in news for quite some time. Many people want to know if wu-yi tea really works and what are its side effects.

The wu yi green tea is been used by the Chinese for centuries as medicine. There are hundreds of websites on wuyi tea and on each of the sites one can find a similar story stating that the company has access to an exclusive source for special tea that helps to burn fat effortlessly and melts the extra pounds right off. Various written testimonials are interspersed with the professed benefits of this particular brand of tea followed by a list of benefits.

Benefits of Wu-Yi Tea

Here are some of the health benefits of wu-yi tea:

  1. The Chinese have been using it as medicine for thousands of years. Scientific studies show that the tea is a good antioxidant and helps in oxidation of fat and weight loss. It has no side effects. This way it also helps to control obesity. The testimonials on some websites show people who have lost 20 to 30 pounds, or even more.
  2. Wu-yi tea contains a large quantity of polyphenol that promotes beauty and good health. The Chinese wu-yi tea is said to have a high natural concentration of polymerized polyphenols. These compounds have been clinically proven to activate enzymes that cause the breakdown and burning of fat.
  3. It is very effective in control of aging, dark spots, wrinkles and skin-care.
  4. Wu-yi tea is also highly effective in improving functioning of the kidney.
  5. The tea is effective in preventing tooth decay and atopic dermatitis.
  6. It is 100% natural and herbal

The Truth About Wu-Yi Tea

It has been advertised that Oprah and even Rachel Ray endorsed wu-yi tea and that they are very much impressed with this herbal tea. However, there is no mention of wu-yi tea on either of the sites. Rachel Ray’s site has no mention of tea for weight loss at all. Please keep in mind that wu-yi tea, black and green tea have some health benefits, but none of them have any “magic formula”. There are sites that are selling tea in the name of wu-yi tea, oolong tea and even black and green tea and charging too high. Please beware of scams