10 Easy Energy Saving Tips to Cut Energy Costs at Home and Office

10 Easy Energy Saving Tips to Cut Energy Costs at Home and Office : Energy Saving Tips

With the increasing population of people and electronic gadgets, the demand for energy is increasing almost every day. The latest trend is to work from home rather than going to the office. This may save some money on gasoline, but it eventually increases your energy bills. You need a computer, internet connections and other equipment to work from home and office. All this equipment consumes energy. So, it is getting more and more important to use energy-saving equipment and follow energy saving tips to make the home electrical meter move more slowly and save energy and money on energy bills.

So, what are some simple ways to save energy?

Here are a top 10 simple ways to save energy at home and office.

How to Save Energy

  1. Use energy-efficient equipment: Use desktop computers, laptops, printers, fax machines etc, which are energy rated. Turn off this equipment when not in use. This can result in enormous energy savings.
  2. Use Energy Star labeled equipment: Equipment with Energy Star labels are tested for their energy efficiency. The more energy a piece of equipment saves the more stars it gets. Using Energy Star labeled home and office equipment can save enormous energy. Some of them save around 70% to 90% energy for the same equipment. For instance, an Energy Star rated computer uses 70% less electricity than computers that are not rated. These desktop computers and laptops go into sleep mode when not in use and use about 4 watts or less energy.
  3. Use power strip for laptop AC adapters: AC Adapters for laptops draw power even if the laptop is not plugged into the adapter. This is just waste of electricity. To save energy and increase the life of your laptop, put the AC adapter on a power strip. The power strip can be turned off. Some of them even turn off automatically.
  4. Turn off all home and office equipment when not in use: Your equipment is not going to last longer if it’s left on. This is a misconception. Leaving your equipment on will only waste energy.
  5. Use power management in computers and monitors: Use and activate the power management feature in your computer. This can save enormous energy. Just imagine millions of people around the world saving only 1 Watt of energy. This is enormous energy saved.
  6. Screen savers don’t save energy: Many people believe that leaving the computer on with a screen saver won’t use much energy. There is a common misconception. The monitor is still using the same amount of energy as it would normally use. To save energy, either set the computer to automatic sleep mode or manually turn off the monitor.
  7. Laptops consume less energy: Yes, laptops consume less energy than desktop computers. So, if you have plans to upgrade your computer, consider buying a laptop to save energy.
  8. Avoid phantom load: Many home and office appliances continue to draw a small amount of power even when they are switched off but plugged in. This is called phantom load or stand-by power. Avoid phantom load by using a power strip or manually unplug all televisions, VCRs, stereos, computers and kitchen appliances.
  9. Unplug battery chargers: Battery chargers continue to draw power even when the battery is fully charged but the charger is still plugged in and is on. Switch off when your battery is fully charged and unplug the charger to save energy.
  10. Use rechargeable batteries: Another simple way to save energy is to use rechargeable batteries for products like PDAs. Using rechargeable is more cost effective than throwaway batteries.


Energy is valuable. Follow energy saving tips on lightning home. Save energy for the future by all means necessary. Wasting energy means staying is the dark in future. Save energy for the future.

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