How to Cool Home without Air Conditioning or Air Conditioner

How to Cool Home without Air Conditioning or Air Conditioner : Keep your Home Cool Without AC

Those who can afford an air conditioner are fortunate. But not everyone can afford air conditioning. So, how to cool home without air conditioning? Well, there are certain tips that anyone can follow to keep home cool with no AC or electricity. Here, the basic idea and the trick behind cooling a house without any air conditioning is to reduce heat sources to the home and remove any built-up heat from inside the house. For e.g, heat coming into the house through doors and windows can increase the temperature. The kind of roofing material used also plays a significant role here. Design and architecture of the house also plays a role in home cooling or home heating.

Here are some tips, tricks and ideas to keep a house cool without air conditioning.

Arrange Furniture so That They do not Restrict Airflow

Arrange all furniture in positions such that they do not restrict flow of air in the house. Remove any furniture from near doors and windows. Do not place any furniture in between two opposite windows or doors. When there is no hurdle in the way of airflow, there will be proper movement of air and breeze that will help to keep the house cool.

Door and Window can Help to Keep the House Cool

Doors and windows in a home can play a very significant role in keeping it cool without any air conditioner. Check out the direction from which the air flows the most into the room. Keep all windows open on this part of the house. Leave the windows closed on the other sides of the house. Also make sure there is no resistance to air movement. Furniture or any other object can restrict the flow and movement or air into the house. Install heat-reflecting film on windows that face the sun. This will protect heat from entering the house to some extent. Use shelters to prevent direct sunlight from entering the house through windows mainly on areas of the house facing south and west. Shelter such as overhangs, patio overheads, latticework, awnings etc can also be used.

Cooling Home with Fans and Ventilation

Fans and proper home ventilation can help to keep the house cool without any air conditioning. Locate a window near the center of the house and install a window fan. Place it so that it blows out. This fan will pull the fresh air coming in from the open windows through the entire house and keep constant circulation. A portable fan or a window fan can also be used. Make sure there is proper ventilation in all rooms of the home. Warn air rises up and escapes through ventilators. If the home has a whole-house fan, turn it on to extract warm air. This measure can help temperature drop by up to 2-3 Degrees Celsius.

Plant Trees in the Garden to Keep the House Cool

If there is a garden in the house, make use of the garden. Plant trees. Trees and bushes can provide shade and cooling evaporation. Cool breeze entering the house will give a cooling feeling.


While natural home cooling is efficient home cooling and works to keep a home cool to some extent, for people who are not satisfied and want to get rid of the heat completely, maybe its time to consider installing an air conditioner.

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