10 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

10 Things Every Kitchen Should Have : Kitchen Essentials

If you’re renovating your kitchen this summer, what things will you consider to brighten it up and make it a functional space?  Here are ten of the most essential things every kitchen should have.

  1. Cooking essentials – Cutting boards, sharp knives and kitchen scales are among the most essential items for a functional kitchen.  I love using practical wooden cutting boards or plastic bendable ones in a range of colours.  It’s fun to brighten up your kitchen with spatulas and other cooking utensils, especially the easy-to-clean, heat-resistant silicone kind.
  1. Furniture – Furnish your kitchen with a small coffee table or seating area or add in bar stools, China cabinets and buffet cabinets.  Bar cabinets create more storage space and high standing dining tables are ideal for smaller kitchens where you’ll need more floor space.  Dining benches are a stylish way to furnish your kitchen instead of the standard dining chairs.
  1. Lighting – A well-lit kitchen is important, especially if you have no windows or doors for natural light.  Kitchen light fixtures including a combination of general, task and ambient lighting should be considered during renovation.  Whether they are island lights, pendants, single track ceiling lights, under cabinet LED lights or chandeliers hanging over your high-standing dining table, you can create diffused and directed light.
  1. In-cabinet storage – While selecting cabinets that suit the overall design of your kitchen can be simple, it’s best to consider functional cabinetry and storage units like spice racks, carousels, drawer inserts for pots, pans and cutlery.  You can browse Wickes kitchen accessories for ways to help you organize your kitchen without keeping everything on display.  This way you can hide away certain items and highlight decorative items instead.
  1. Breakfast bar – Create an informal area on your island or countertop where you can enjoy morning meals, work from home, pay your bills or where your kids can do their school projects.  As a comfortable project area, you can fit it with upholstered bar stools.  It’s a perfect addition for those who want to build a functional kitchen.
  1. Beverage bar – Since most kitchens are areas of entertainment, it’s worth installing a beverage bar to store cool drinks.  You can place your tea kettle and smart espresso machines on the counter and lay out a selection of your favorite teas and coffee blends.  Some beverage bars can even be installed under your kitchen island if you’d rather go for subtle design.
  1. Appliances – Accessorize your kitchen with colourful appliances by displaying the ones you use on a frequent basis such as food processors, blenders, juicers, toasters, slow cookers, grills and griddles.  An induction stovetop oven is a safe option and heats up within seconds.
  1. Smart taps & Deep Sinks – Sinks with depth will hold more dishes and prevent an overflowing sink.  Chrome to antiqued bronze finishes provides a sleek look as well as faucets and smart taps with built-in water filters.  While practical, scratch proof designs are expensive, they are more durable and are less likely to leak and stain your countertops.
  1. Worktops – If you like to spend time in your kitchen, a workstation would be an ideal addition.  Whether you have an island in your kitchen or a standard countertop; select a designated work area where you’ll prepare food.  It’s common to go with granite countertops but stainless steal ones work well for studio chef-like enthusiasts.
  1. Splash backs – This is the simplest way of brightening up your dull kitchen.  Colorful splashbacks accent your kitchen, creating a newly renovated look.  It’s a nice finishing touch to any kitchen and a range of designs is available to suit any colour scheme.  I recommend the metallic glass splashbacks, as they are easy to maintain.

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