Best Tents for Outdoor Camping

Best Tents for Outdoor Camping : Camping Tent

Camping tents are an important investment for any outdoor adventure. There are several options available – canvas tents, family tents, all-season tents, 2-person tents, 4-person tents, 6-person tents, 8-person tents, 10 person tents, back packing tents. Consider your taste in outdoor adventures, the number of people you normally camp with, their sex and ages, whether the camp will be used for backpacking, what seasons it will be used in, and so on.

What Size of Tent is Best?

Camping tents are available in several sizes, rated by the number of people they can accommodate. When buying a camping tent, try to get a size that is rated for one or two persons more than needed. This is because smaller tents will have no space for other camping equipment, accessories, cookware and gear.

  • Length and Width: Always consider a tent that is bigger in length and width than what you need. If you are six feet tall, try to get a tent that is seven or eight feet long so that you have enough stretching space.
  • Space: Make sure there is enough space for inflatable air mattress. Inflatable air mattresses are a must-have accessory for any camping adventure. They make your life comfortable in the bush.
  • Height: Height of the camping tent is another consideration. Make sure the tent has enough height so that you can stand comfortably if the plan is to spend time in the tent during the day.
  • Weight: Camping tents should have enough weight to withstand air and wind. Backpacking tents are usually used only for sleeping and typically are much smaller, lighter and not high enough to stand up in.
  • Quality: Try to get a good quality tent that will not leak or collapse. A bad quality and leaky tent can make your life miserable at the camp.

Small Camping Tents

For a 1-person, 2-person or 3-person camping adventure, small tents are

best suited. These tents can be easily packed and carried and provider enough space for the camper and gear.

If you are looking for a small camping tent and still want enough space for camping equipment and accessories, you can choose either MSR Velo or North face rock 22 tent.

Medium Camping Tents

Medium-sized tents accommodate four to five people, equipment and accessories. Kelty Gunnison offers some good quality medium-sized camping tents with DAC aluminum poles. They also offer all-weather tents so that you can use the tent in any season and weather.

The freestanding Gunnison tent offers a quick two-pole setup, spacious interior and new exciting features such as welded windows, external fly vents and lightweight DAC aluminum poles.

Large / Family Camping Tents

If you are looking for a large or family camping tent, consider a Coleman camping tent. Coleman is the world’s leading manufacturer of camping gear and outdoor equipment, including tents, lanterns, stoves, cookware, coolers and sleeping bags. Their tents are ergonomically designed, tough, durable and comfortable.

Types of Camping Tents

  1. A-frame Tents: These single-walled tents are very common and not preferred because they are not very tough or durable.
  2. Cabin Tents / Canvas Tents: These are very common, durable and long lasting heavy-duty tents. They are big and spacious and offer ample space for a large camp, equipment and accessories. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy and bulky and not suitable for backpacking. They also need more time to set up. If they get wet, they will take very long to dry.
  3. Dome Tents: These tents are also known as geodesic tents. These are the most popular and most common. They are dome-shaped and shed snow and rain quickly and easily. They are also good at resisting wind and rain-fly. They are available as freestanding tents and with an aluminum pole support.
  4. Summer Tents: Summer tents are made for fabrics that offer air movement and proper ventilation. They are light-weight and good for people who like hot weather camping adventures.
  5. Tunnel Tents: Tunnel tents are also called hoop tents. Their have a narrow and straight shape. The fabric and material of poles make them light weight. However, these are not long lasting.
  6. Four-Season Tent: Four-season tents are so called because they can withstand any weather and can be used throughout the year.

Buying a Camping Tent

When choosing and buying a camping tent, it is always wise to choose the best quality even if it costs more. Remember, you are going outdoors for fun and adventure. A poor quality and leaking tent can spoil your outdoor camping holiday.

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