Bathroom Sink Buying Guide and Review for Consumers

Bathroom Sink Buying Guide and Review for Consumers : Countertop-Mounted Lavatory Basin

A bathroom sink or a lavatory sink (to wash, lav, lavvy, sink, pedestal sink) is basically a bowl-shaped fixture normally installed in a kitchen or bathroom for washing hands, shaving, brushing teeth etc. If you are planning to install a bathroom sink in a new construction or just doing home remodeling, you may consider taking help of professional certified kitchen designers. Lavatories are made in hundreds of styles and finishes including white porcelain, colorful contemporaries, vitreous clay, fire clay, glass bathroom sinks, metal sinks, hand-painted.

Bathroom Sinks Categories

Bathroom sinks or lavatories are divided into following basic categories based on their support method:

  1. Pedestal sinks
  2. Wall-mounted lavs
  3. Countertop-mounted lavatory basins
  4. Console sinks
  5. Undermount sinks

Bathroom Sinks Style

There are mainly 7 different styles of bathroom sink available.

Self-Rimming Sinks

These are the most common bathroom sinks and are also called countertop sinks. These sinks are available in all kinds of colors and sizes.

Countertop or Self-rimming sinks are mounted above the counter. The sink itself rests in a rough hole in the counter top. While buying a countertop bathroom sink, make sure it is suitable for the faucet that you wish to install.

Undercounter Bathroom Sinks

These are also called Undermount sinks. These offer great look and style to a bathroom and are widely common.

Undermount Bathroom Sink

Undermount Bathroom Sink

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks are freestanding sinks supported by an underlying pedestal. Pedestal Bathroom Sinks are quite stylish and decorative and can enhance the looks of your bathroom.

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Console Bathroom Sinks

Console Bathroom Sinks look very similar to pedestal sinks, but they provide additional counter space. Console Bathroom Sinks offers additional space yielded by supporting the sink with decorative legs.

Console Bathroom Sink

Console Bathroom Sink

Vanity Top Bathroom Sinks

Vanity Top Bathroom Sinks are similar to the console sink but they offer better style and functions. Vanities are quite fashionable and stylish.

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Vessel sinks are also called above counter sinks. These sinks have great design elements.

Bathroom Sinks Size

Bathroom sinks are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Consider the space available in your bathroom and your own taste before buying a bathroom sink.

Bathroom Sinks Material

Bathroom sinks are made of many different materials including: Vitreous china, Fireclay, Stainless steel, copper, cast iron. Which material to choose depends on your budget and your own taste and style.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

Wall mount bathroom sinks are mounted directly to the wall. They offer additional space underneath the basin.

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