Dishwasher Buying Guide and Review for Consumers

Dishwasher Buying Guide and Review for Consumers : Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a very essential kitchen appliance and when you buy a new dishwasher, you have to make sure that your best the best dishwasher and value for money. To begin with, dishwashers are available in the price range of $200 to $2000 depending on the model and manufacturer and features. A basic model of dishwasher can be bought for around $200 and a model with more space and more features are available for over $600.

In case you have problems with the budget, you can go for the basic model and saving $200 is not a pig deal. All you have to do is spend wisely and make a budget for your household expenses. Just avoid unnecessary expenses.

Best Brands of Dishwasher

Some of the well known manufacturers of dishwashers are – ASKO, Miele and Bosch. They manufacture various models of dishwashers with all kinds of features with different price tag. There are compact, ultra-quiet dishwashers with sophisticated controls, high-efficiency design, stainless-steel interiors. Some of them even have built-in water softeners in case your house has hard water supply. These are great and amazing dishwashers and are available in a price range of $600–$2000 depending on features.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you are planning for a kitchen remodeling, adding a dishwasher to the list of your kitchen appliances cannot be avoided. A good dishwasher is a must-have appliance for every kitchen. Added to that, your dishwasher must meet your budget and needs. Hence, it is always wise to learn and go through dishwasher buying guide

There is stiff competition among consumer electron products manufacturers. Most of them are competing to offer more and more features in the least possible prices. This is a win-win situation for consumers.

Dishwasher manufacturers design their models, keeping in mind their target customers. For new and first-time buyers, they focus more on low-priced units with basic features. For the other segment of customers, they focus more of style and features. It has to be understood that both price and features are linked to each other. A dishwasher with more features will obviously cost more.

Smart Dishwashers

Now you can even find “Smart dishwashers”. These dishwashers are truly smart. They use smart sensors to size up and monitor cleaning during wash cycles. They help to optimize the dishwasher’s efficiency. You can go for one of these smart dishwashers if don’t want to compromise. It may cost you around $800 for Maytag and $429 for GE.

You should also keep in mind that new and more advanced models of dishwashers are continually developed, hence, you should always do some market research and survey before buying a dishwasher. Check out consumer ratings for reliability and convenience. For e.g., brands like Sears Kenmore and Whirlpool models have always been getting higher consumer ratings as per various surveys. You should also look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Look for more than one year of warranty on free parts and a warranty of over 20 years on the tub and door liner. For e.g., Maytag offers three years plus free key parts for five years.

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