Clothes Dryer Buying Guide and Review for Consumers

Clothes Dryer Buying Guide and Review for Consumers : Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers are available in several options – electric dryers, gas dryers and portable clothes dryers. Buying clothes dryer depends on your family requirements. Electric clothes dryers consume lots of energy. Gas dryers are more expensive but they are more economical over a long period of time. Portable clothes dryers are small and are best suited for small families. They also take more time to dry clothes. I personally use and recommend a dryer with special sensors that limits drying time exactly when moisture has been fully removed from clothes. This feature is not only energy saver, it also increases the life of clothes because clothes that are over dried tend to lose their shape and wear out sooner.

Clothes Dryer: Size and Measurement

Most standard dryers measure 25 to 29 inches in width. Even though the outer dimension is not that much important, what really important is drum capacity. A large and full-size model of a clothes dryer may have 5 to 7 cubic feet of interior space while smaller and compact models may have this capacity to 3 cubic feet.

NOTE: The clothes dryer you choose should have twice the cubic-foot capacity of your washer.

Other Feature to Look for when Buying a Clothes Dryer

  1. A cool-down, or “wrinkle-release,” cycle;
  2. A damp-dry cycle, for clothes you intend to iron; and
  3. A cycle that dries items such as tennis shoes on a rack rather than tumbling them.

Deluxe clothes dryers: Size of a stack washer/dryer and pricy have

specialized features such as racks to dry delicate items tumble-free, and racks to hang garments while a gentle steam removes wrinkles and odors.

Venting clothes dryers: Most local codes want clothes dryers to be vented to the outdoors. It is illegal and unsafe to vent them into a crawlspace, chimney, or any other cavity. The exhaust hood must be placed at least 12 inches above the ground and the vent should be made from 4-inch aluminum rigid duct and elbows. Vents may also be made from flexible metal but this is not recommended. Vents should never be made from metal foil or plastic.

Ventless models of clothes dryers are also available but they are not that efficient.

Finally, whichever dryer you choose to buy, just make sure that it has a moderately sized and easily cleaned lint trap. A clothes dryer with reversible door will allow both left-hand and right-hand access.

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