Sliding Door Buying Guide and Review for Consumers

Sliding Door Buying Guide and Review for Consumers : Sliding Door

Sliding doors slide smoothly and easily on their way open or close. Sliding doors slide/move along hardware parts made of metal, wood, or vinyl tracks fitted into their frames at both top and bottom of the door supported by metallic or plastic rollers. Sliding / gliding doors have come a long – from old aluminum sliders to modern elegant and contemporary sliding doors. Modern sliding doors are high-tech and high-quality offering elegance, energy efficiency, durability, safety, and style. Old and conventional aluminum sliders are still available in the market along with sliding doors made of wood and other door materials.

Best and most popular sliders are those that offer warmth of wood on the inside and the durable cladding of vinyl on the outside.

Sliding Doors Options

Sliding doors made of wood are vulnerable to moisture and heat of sun. To prevent it from rapid depreciation / wear and tear, it must be given a durable finish. You can buy all-wood sliding doors that are factory-primed or pre-painted in standard colors or you can get it custom painted to match your home or your living style.

Other alternatives include, doors made from fiberglass composites that resemble wood. Fiberglass is tough and durable. Again there are rugged and inexpensive steel sliders. A I mentioned above, some of these sliding doors are faced on both sides with a vinyl or aluminum skin; a polyurethane foam insulation core fills the shell for better energy efficiency. Your choice depends on your own budget, taste and lifestyle.

Sliding Door Glazing

Glazed Sliding Door

Glazed Sliding Door

Glass makes a large part of most sliding doors. High-performance glazing makes these doors more energy efficient. Most home door manufacturers understand this and they add high-performance glazing to most high-quality sliders. These home door manufacturers may add dual glazing, or double-paned glass with low-emissivity (low-e) coating. In some cases they even add argon gas filling. Most manufacturers let you specify the glazing you want when you order.

In order to add variety to sliding doors, door manufacturers also offer decorative stained or beveled glass with true brass caming. Sliders are available with real or false divided lights.

Sliding Door Size

Sliding Door Diagram

Sliding Door Diagram

Sliding doors are available in all sizes – from standard 6-feet, 8-inch height to custom size. Width can be customized according to the requirement. You can also use a combination of several of these sliding doors to run upto 16 to 20 Feet. Most sliders are made in single-opening and double-opening styles.

Some companies offer top-mounted insect screens that are easier to use than rolling screens. This offers even more smooth operation.

Sliding Doors Future

Sliding / gliding doors have come a long – from old aluminum sliders to modern elegant and contemporary gliding doors. Door manufacturers such as Panda Windows & Doors has created a line of high-end and custom-made sliding doors that even curve around a 90-degree angle. Lift and slide is another new creation in this field. In sliding doors made using “lift and slide” technology, when a person turns the handle to 180 degrees, the door actually lifts onto its rollers and slides. When the handle is turned back, the door lowers onto a rubber foot that creates an air- and water-tight seal. Other more innovative technologies are still being developed and we can expect new high-tech sliding doors in near future.

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