Water Softener Buying Guide and Review for Consumers

Water Softener Buying Guide and Review for Consumers : Water Softener

Buying a water softener needs significant study and research. First you need to know how hard your water is. Price of a water softener depends on quality, features and brand. Price of these units can range from $300 to $ 3,000 or even more. Apart from cost of the unit, you also have to pay about $150 to $200 per year for materials and maintenance. Do some study and research before you buy a new water softener for your home. Read customer review and ratings. Ask your relatives and neighbors for recommendations. Ask for quotes from different water softener suppliers and compare them. Compare quotes and features of the unit: controls, regeneration cycles, level of service and warranty. Most water softeners have different warranties on control valve and the resin tank. Check it out.

I recommend that it is best to select established company to be assured that you will get a quality product and after sales services. Some of these companies offer free installation. Check it out so that you don’t have to pay to a plumber. Whole house water softeners need specialized people to install the unit. Water softener companies normally send special factory service person.

Water Softener Buying Guide

Apart from features, price and warranty, you should also look for certification. Independent testing organization such as NSF International test and certify water-treatment products including water softeners. The water industry’s trade organization, the Water Quality Association, also certifies water treatment equipment through its Gold Seal program. Before buying a water softener, look for the WQA Gold Seal. These certifications are no guarantee of performance, at least they signify that the equipment you are going to buy has successfully passed testing for industry standards and the manufacturer’s claims have been validated. This is an additional advantage ensuring that the unit you buy will work as the manufacturer has claimed and will offer years of trouble-free service.

Another good option that you have is to lease a water softener. Leasing is sometimes the most attractive option because there are no major upfront costs. Depending on the level of service and materials the company offers, you may have to pay about $15 to $50 per month or more on a lease and there are no monthly or yearly costs on material and maintenance.

Water Softener Capacity Chart

Water Softener Capacity Chart

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