Direct-Vent Fireplace Types and Options

Direct-Vent Fireplace Types and Options : Direct-Vent Fireplace

Types, options and controls of direct-vent fireplaces vary from one manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. While some models have a standing safety pilot light that burns continuously to light the main burner whenever the gas is turned on, others have electric spark ignition to save energy. Some of them have a piezoelectric ignition used when there is no electrical hookup at the fireplace. Some of these fireplaces use a millivolt generator so the fireplace can operate even when there is no power.

These direct-vent fireplace systems can be operated using a wall switch, a thermostat or even a remote control. Some remote controls even have adjustable thermostats, blower-speed controls, and flame-height adjustments. These models are little costly.

Few other options are available when it comes to accessories for direct-vent fireplace – variable-speed fans to boost circulation, special trim kits, propane gas conversion kits, decorative screens, and firebrick-style fireboxes are few of the options. Check out your dealer for more options and accessories.

Types of Direct-Vent Fireplaces

Direct-vent gas fireplaces are available in different looks and design. Standard style includes one-sided models but two-sided, three-sided (peninsula), four-sided (island) styles, bay-window shapes and corner units are also widely available.

These direct-vent fireplace units are available in different sizes.

Both top and rear-venting models are available. Vents may run vertically or horizontally depending upon the model.

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