Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Buying Guide

Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace Buying Guide : Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace

Direct-vent gas fireplaces are prefabricated from metal and are designed such that they can be installed in wood-frame construction without any foundation or chimney. They are less expensive and much easier to install than traditional masonry units that need a foundation and chimney. You also have better and more flexible choices when it comes to installation of direct-vent gas fireplaces. Direct-vent gas fireplaces burn much efficiently and can be vented directly out a wall. Because these fireplaces are gas-fired, they solve the problem of wood-smoke pollution. Unlike wood-burners, these gas fireplaces produce almost no particulates.

Direct-vent gas fireplaces are much easier to use than wood-burning units because you don’t have to buy, haul, chop, start, and continually feed wood to the fire. You also don’t have to scoop out the ashes or even sweep the chimney. You can turn on fire in a direct-vent fireplace simple by turning a knob, a switch or even a remote control. You can also install and set a thermostat do the job. The operational cost of these fireplaces is much lower and costs just few pennies per hour.

Buying a Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace

All gas-burning fireplaces have artificial logs. Most people wonder if the fire of a gas-burning fireplace looks like a wood fire.

Most old gas fireplaces had phony-looking fires, but new and advanced gas burners and artificial logs are surprisingly realistic. Most of the produce a very realistic fire with tall, dancing flames and have logs and embers that glow that imitates a wood fire.

Before you buy a new gas fireplace, make sure it is lab-certified by an organization that is compliant with your local codes, such as the American Gas Association (AGA). Also make sure that the fireplace is installed according to the direction of the manufacturer.

Prices for direct-vent fireplaces vary depending upon size, style, finish, and other features and options.

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