Plastic Flower Pots & Planter

Plastic Flower Pots & Planter : Plastic Flower Pots

There are wide ranges of plastic flower pots and plastic flower planters to plant flowers both indoors and outdoors – round flower pots, square flower pots, plastic hanging flower pots etc. These thin wall plastic flower pots are widely used as containers in nurseries and households. These plastic flower pots are available in wide range of sizes and depths and are both durable and economical.

Those days of traditional terra cotta flower pots are gone. Today plastic flower pots have evolved considerably with technological developments and polymer research. Modern-day plastic flower pots are produced to give the look and feel of traditional materials like clay, ceramic, metal and wood.

These plastic flower pots have several advantages as described below.

Advantages of Plastic Flower Pots

Plastic flower pots offers following advantages to gardeners and hobbyist:

  • Durable: Higher grade plastic flower pots can be more durable and are rustproof than traditional terra cotta or clay pots.
  • Affordable: Plastic flower pots are very affordable and economical.
  • Weight: Plastic flower pots weigh much less than traditional pots that also give the benefit of easy portability.
  • Design and Look: Plastic flower pots are available in wide range of designs and looks. This is possible because of modern molding techniques.

How to Plant in Plastic Flower Pots

Here are 5 simple steps to plant in plastic flower pots and planters. These steps are applicable to all pots including plastic, ceramic, clay and metal.

  1. Using gravel or chipped bark, make a layer to cover the drainage holes to prevent water from collecting in the bottom of the pot.
  2. Fill the pot to just below the rim using a loam-based potting mixture.
  3. Next, choose a plant to be planted.
  4. Fill in around the top with lower-growing plants.
  5. Top-dress the surface with a decorative mulch to conserve moisture and water well. Remember that plastic flower pots tend to dry out faster than flower beds.

How to Clean Plastic Flower Pots

It is always a good idea to wash your plastic all flower pots in the fall. This can be done using disinfectants like vinegar or bleach solution. Scrub the pots both inside and out and then keep it in the sun to dry.

Round Plastic Flower Pots

Round plastic flower pots are most common and widely used. Round plastic pots are best suitable for perennials and other plants with robust root system. These are traditional style flower pots made up of durable plastic. Most of then even have a wide rim for added strength. These pots are very economical and durable and can be reused several times. Only disadvantage with these pots is that they store less soil as compared to square pots.

Square Plastic Flower Pots

Square Pots are the ideal for places with limited bench space. They can store more soil thus allowing plants to grow taller before transplanting. The square design allows tight fit between pots. They also reduce wastage of water. They are ideal choice when used in conjunction with carrying trays.

Plastic Bulb Flower Pots

Plastic bulb flower pots are best suitable for bulb crops and plants like cacti that have shallow root system. Bulb pots are mostly used by orchid and cactus planters. Their depth is less that other pots and have less capacity to store soil. They are very good looking and beautiful.

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