How to Dry Clean at Home – DIY Clothes Dry Cleaning

How to Dry Clean at Home – DIY Clothes Dry Cleaning : Dry Cleaning at Home

The high cost of dry cleaning clothes is not suitable for every pocket. Whet if you can dry clean your clothes at home? Yes, it is quite easy and cheap if you can dry clean your clothes at home.

What is Dry Cleaning and How Dry Cleaning Works?

Dry cleaning is necessary for clothes / fabrics that are not meant for normal washing with detergent or water.

Dry cleaning doesn’t means that clothes are washed dry. Unlike traditional clothes washing, the cleaning solvent in dry cleaning is not water-based. In the past, a petroleum-based solvent was used in dry cleaning but now most dry cleaners use a cleaning solvent called “perchlorethylene (perc)”. All these solvents are removed before delivery of clothes.

How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

Increasing costs of commercial dry cleaner has paved ways for doing the job at home itself at reduced cost. Several dry cleaning kits are now available in the market. One such good and useful product is “Dryel” from “Proctor and Gamble”. However, it has to be noted that “Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Product” is not recommended to clean fabrics like leather, fur and velvet.

How to Use Dryel Kit to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

Using the Dryel kit for dry cleaning clothes at home is quite easy and simply. The kit contains stain removal liquid and pads or the Dryel cloth, and a fabric bag.

Following are the steps to follow to dry clean clothes with Dryel:

  1. Make sure the fabric you are about to clean is not leather, fur or velvet.
  2. Check the garment for noticeable dirty spots. Treat the spot with the stain removal liquid supplied with the kit (Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual supplied with the kit). This is done by placing the stain removal pad (absorbent) under the stain, and treating the top of the garment with the stain removal. The process helps the stain to leak out of the fabric onto the pad.
  3. Repeat step 2 on all garments you want to clean.
  4. Now put the garments into the Dryel bag along with the Dryel cloth supplied with the kit. Make sure not to overload the bag. Use a maximum of 4 garments to clean at a time. Seal the bag with the Velcro closure.
  5. Place the bag is a dryer with medium temperature and run the dryer for about 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the bag from the dryer and hang garments for few minutes before wearing. This will hep to remove any wrinkles.
  7. Dump the Dryel cloth and keep the bag for future use.

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