Vinyl Flooring Guide (Vinyl Floor Tile and Vinyl Sheet Floors)

Vinyl Flooring Guide (Vinyl Floor Tile and Vinyl Sheet Floors) : Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a manmade material, made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizer. It is usually flexible and non-porous. Pigments are added for color. It is a shiny, tough and flexible plastic and washable. Vinyl material is normally used for lamination, window and door framing and flooring. Vinyl flooring material is available in sheets and tiles. Vinyl flooring may be applied over plywood sub floors, concrete and other flat, clean and smooth surfaces. Vinyl flooring material can also be applied over your existing wood, linoleum, vinyl or resilient floors. One thing to take care when doing vinyl flooring is that the floor surface should be absolutely smooth otherwise there can be visible bumps, seams, and raised nail heads.

Vinyl Flooring Sheet

Vinyl flooring sheets are available in 6, 9 and 12-foot-wide rolls. Vinyl sheets are suitable for floors where you want a seamless look. These sheets are non-porous and so there are little or no chances of any damage from water. This benefit is not there in other flooring materials where water can seep between the joints and cause damage.

Installation of sheet vinyl should be done by professional and experienced floor installer.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a composition vinyl, mineral fibers, and clay or it could be just solid vinyl which is more durable. Normal size of vinyl flooring tiles is 12 inches square. You can do installation of these tiles yourself.

Best Vinyl Flooring Material

If you are opting for vinyl flooring in your home, I would suggest you go for high-quality durable material that will last longer. If you cannot do it yourself, flooring can involve additional costs of labor. High-quality vinyl is thicker and has a very durable wear layer. It also helps repel dirt and spills.

Some best options for vinyl flooring material could be a urethane wear layer or, an enhanced urethane wear layer. Urethane wear layers hold up best to foot traffic and keeps upto the “no wax” promise.

A vinyl wear layer is a bit more stain resistant. But like everything on earth, even these will lose their shine over time.

If you want super durable vinyl flooring material, you can check out commercial vinyl flooring which are extremely hard-wearing and last longer.

Video – Full Spread Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

Video – Installing Vinyl Tiles in Kitchen

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