Kitchen Range and Stovetop Repair | How To Troubleshoot and Fix Kitchen Range and Stovetop Problem

Kitchen Range and Stovetop Repair | How To Troubleshoot and Fix Kitchen Range and Stovetop Problem : Kitchen Range

As far as repairing cooking ranges and stovetop is concerned, the first and foremost thing to do is to refer to your owner’s manual whenever you encounter problems. Always turn off the power or disconnect the range and oven before working on the appliance. Most of the kitchen ranges today have computerized features and there is not much you can do yourself to repair them. If any component of your range is not working, check the circuit breaker or fuse. You also need to check the connections between the range and the power cord.

Kitchen Range and Stovetop Repairing

The most common complaint with an oven is that the set temperature, most often, doesn’t match the temperature inside the oven. To fix this problem, see if somebody is allowing the heat to escape by repeatedly opening the oven door. If not, there may be some problem with calibration or the thermostat may be defective. To find this out, buy a box of simple white cake mix and bake the cake, following the directions exactly. If the cake is too dry or, conversely, undercooked, you may need to call a technician to recalibrate or replace the thermostat. Another less-expensive alternative is to buy an oven thermometer that will allow you to monitor the temperature through the oven window.

Again if you notice that the oven temperature drops or the oven “sweats,” the door gasket may be faulty. You can easily replace the gaskets yourself by getting an exact replacement from an appliance parts dealer.

If you have a gas range and if the burners don’t light, be sure the pilot light is lit. It is notable that appliance with electronic ignition don’t have a pilot light.

If your electric oven or range is receiving power but doesn’t get hot, most possible, it may have an independent circuit breaker that has tripped or a fuse that has blown.

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